Adding Glitter to Your Art Stamp Craft
Adding Glitter to Your Art Stamp Craft
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Adding Glitter to Your Art Stamp Craft

Glitter creates a bolder look to any paper project. Today I will show you how easy it is to use glitters to completely cover a stamped image.

In this project, you will need the following:

–    a paper card with stamp art on it (preferably one with a borderline)

–    memento markers(three colors of your choice)

–    a quickie glue pen (excellent for applying glue even in tiny spots)

–    Counter Culture DIY Glitter- It adds an explosive element to whatever I’m doing. I’ll be using three colors- green, yellow, and pink

Now that you have what you need, let’s get started.

  1.   First, color the image with markers. You might ask why do we have to color them when you will just cover the picture with glitters?  Well, you want to color first because if you miss a little spot when covering with the glitter, it will not be that noticeable. 
  2.   Make sure that you color the stamped image with the same color as the glitter that you will use on top. They don’t need to match perfectly. I can use a light yellow color on the image and bolder yellow glitter to cover it, or vice versa.  As long as they are the same color, it’s okay.
  3.   Now it’s time to apply glue using the quickie glue pen. Before you begin, put a piece of paper underneath your project to catch the excess glitter.Start applying glue to the green area first.  Once it’s done, start to cover the glue with glitter. I gently shake off the image to get out loose glitter. As you can see, all the green areas on the drawing are covered with glitters. I pick up the extra glitter and funnel them back to the container. 
  4.   Before I put glitter on the other parts of the picture, I clean off my table using Swiffer duster pads.  This is to make sure that my glitter will not get mixed up with other colors. 
  5.   Repeat step # 3 using the other two sets of glitters- yellow and pink. 

When you’re done, you can see how pretty and sparkly your image has become! As you can see, Counter Culture DIY Glitter is so easy to use and makes your project a stunning piece of art.


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