Glitter Tumbler Tutorial
Glitter Tumbler Tutorial

Glitter Tumbler Tutorial

You can use any tumbler that you want but for the sake of this tutorial, I’ll be using a double-wall insulated stainless tumbler. You can order this online via Amazon or in other places like Walmart.

Here are the steps on how to make your own glitter tumbler:

  1.    Take off the labels. Use electrical tape around the circumference at the bottom and top of the tumbler. You decide how thick your tape can be. Some tumblers have a line that serves as a guide in keeping your tape straight.
  2.    Wipe the surface with alcohol to remove dust or any other impurities, including the adhesives from the labels. Doing this step is important so that everything you put on the surface will stick on it.
  3.    Painting your tumbler is optional. There are spray paints available in the market that you can use. Put the tumbler upside down, while spraying the paint with short bursts from top to bottom. Let the paint dry.
  4.    Apply adhesives to your tumbler. You can use either Mod Podge or spray adhesives. In this project, we will use a Mod Podge. Just dip your brush then apply the glue to the surface. Use even strokes so that you don’t have too much glue concentrated in one area.
  5.    Now it’s time to glitter. Make sure you put something on the surface to catch the glitters.  Sprinkle the glitter as evenly as you can. There are instances when the Mod Podge doesn’t hold the glitter very well. In this case, you need to re-apply the glue and sprinkle glitter on it again. Make sure the surface is entirely covered with glitters, including the edges of the inner tape. This will guarantee that the entire surface is covered even after the tape is removed.

Once done, just pick up whatever you had underneath and pour the glitter back to the container. You can use them back on your next project.

  1.    The next step is to seal the glitter. This process is important so that the glitters will not flake off once you apply the epoxy resin. You can use a spray sealant and wait for 30 minutes before you do the next step.
  2.    Mix equal parts of Artist Resin and hardener (25 milliliters each part) for a regular size tumbler.  If you have smaller ones, you could do less. Combine them together in a single container and mix for three minutes.
  3.    Using your gloved hand; apply the epoxy resin into the mug. You can dip your fingers into the resin then spread it evenly into the surface. Or, pour the resin into the surface and use your fingers to spread it out. Run your fingers across the surface; ensure that the entire mug is covered with resin. Your fingers must feel which part needs more resin and which part has thick coating. Add more resin as needed, or spread out thick resin to cover other surface. As a rule, you need to have 1/8 inch resin coating.
  4.    Remove your tape after 30 minutes: not less or more. Set a timer and take out the tape at the recommended time.
  5.     Let the resin cure for 24 hours. In the next day, your tumbler is coated in sparkling glitters with a mirror-like finish!


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