Newbie Guide: How to Use Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin
Newbie Guide: How to Use Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin
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Newbie Guide: How to Use Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin

After you’ve purchased your Artist Resin, the most translucent and brightest epoxy resin in the whole world, here are the steps on how to use it:

Step 1: Measure

– Artist Resin has two (2) contents: the resin and the hardener. The mixing ratio should be 1:1.

– With a pair of gloves, pour the ratio of resin and hardener into a mixing container.

– Make sure that the resin and hardener are measured precisely just as stated in the previous instructions. Putting too much of either the resin or the hardener makes the mixture different from the actual texture that we are aiming for.

– Artist Resin’s texture is adhesive, so it is very important to wear gloves to avoid a mess. Wash your hands with soap and water if the Artist Resin comes in contact with your skin.


If you think you need more than the ratio, mix it in when you start the process. Avoid mixing it in the last minute.

Some might think that adding more hardener to the mixture will hasten the 1-day cure time, but it will only make the ratio detract and it’s possible that the resin will not cure. Increasing the room temperature will help the curing process. 

Step 2: Mixing

It is important to mix both resin and hardener after measuring it precisely.

Start scraping in circles and stirring all sides of your mixing container for about  3 minutes, transfer to a clean container and mix for another 1-2 minutes


Make sure you have scraped all the sides of your mixing container while doing the mixing process, or else it will not cure properly. Resin that is left on the sides or the bottom will not harden.

Bubbles will appear while mixing, getting rid of is easy after application and torching.

Step 3: Pour and Spread

Although Counter Culture Artist Resin will level on its own, you can spread it into place where you like it to settle using a spatula or any flat strong object. 

When it comes to edges, you can tape it all off and let the Artist Resin sit on top of your piece. Some would cover the bottom part of the piece to allow the resin to strain the excess over the sides. 

If bubbles begin to resurface, you can pop them. But if you want your piece to be perfect and glass-like, you can use a torch to smooth it.

Step 4: Finish

After torching the bubbles out, cover your work. You can use a hard-bound cover or a cardboard box for this.


Always make sure that your work is well-dried before you pour the Artist Resin.

Always set a cloth on your work surface area. To soak up the resin, you may use fabric and paper drop cloths, but it is advisable to use a vinyl shower curtain or anything flat that is made of silicon. 

Keep a toothpick to pick out dust or any bits that have gotten into your resin piece.

It is advisable to take a look at your spread from time to time in a good light to see any imperfections. You can use a flashlight for this.

Wipe away drips using a gloved finger. Dry drips can be sanded off.

Large pieces work best on wood because it won’t sink under the resin.


Step 5: Wait

While it cures, Artist Resin should sit for 24 hours.

The mixture will be tacky for approximately 8 hours, but you can pour a second coat from that time if necessary. By the 12th hour it will be dry. In 24 hours, the resin will be cured at 95% and will be fully cured within 72 hours.



While waiting for the mixture to cure, you may take this time to clean up. One reason why using a silicone mat is advisable because it is easy to clean up and you only need to  wipe it down with a paper towel. This also goes to all the reusable tools used.

To drip out excess Artist Resin from the mixing container, turn it upside down. This way it will dry up faster.


We hope that these tips and guidelines have made it useful for you.

For further info, you can visit our FAQ section of our website and comment below our YouTube channel. We cover tons of topics including experimenting, troubleshooting and much more!


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