How to Clean Your Epoxy Resin Art
How to Clean Your Epoxy Resin Art

How to Clean Your Epoxy Resin Art

Knowing how to care for and clean epoxy resin projects will help you extend the lives of your projects and keep them as beautiful as the day you made them. We are sharing everything we know about resin cleansing! 

Working with resin is fun and rewarding but it also takes a lot of time and effort. We understand that you want to keep your projects looking fabulous and we want to help you accomplish that. Below are our favorite resin cleaning methods for a variety of different types of pieces. We think we covered everything but let us know if there is an item we missed that you have questions about! 


How to Clean Epoxy Resin

How to Clean Resin Art 


The term “resin art” covers a wide range of items that are created using epoxy resin. Wall art, jewelry, and artwork made with molds are just a few. Keeping these pieces clean is simple and quick. You don’t need any fancy cleaning products or supplies.

Treat your resin art similarly to the way you would glass. Like glass, resin has a clear and shiny surface that can collect dust and finger prints. Regular dusting will usually do the trick but occasionally, as with glass, you will want to thoroughly clean it. To do this, simply spray the resin item with glass cleaner then gently wipe it with a soft cloth. The soft cloth can also be used to buff the surface and improve its luster. 

How to Clean Resin Counter tops


Originally resin counter tops were found in laboratories because, along with their durability, they are waterproof and flame resistant. These counter tops, however, can also be beautiful and they have become increasingly popular in homes. Kitchen counters are possibly the most used and abused surfaces in our homes so durability and clean-ability are a must. 

Resin counter tops are not hard to keep spotless if you stay on top of routine cleansing. Use gentle cleaners and a warm damp rag for regular cleaning. A combination of Dawn dish soap, vinegar, and water is a favorite cleaning product for many of us. The most important thing to remember is not to scrape or scrub because this will dull the surface of the resin. Also, avoid the use of abrasive and heavy duty cleaners which will also dull your counter tops.

Removing any spills quickly will prevent the need for scrubbing. We realize, though, that sometimes this is easier said than done. If you miss a spill and it has a chance to dry, spray the area with a mild cleanser then soak a rag with hot water and lay it over the soiled area. Let it sit for several minutes. The heat and moisture should loosen the mess and allow you to easily wipe it way. 

How to Clean Frequently Used Resin Pieces

Tumblers, coasters, and serving trays are some of the most widely created pieces of resin art. And that’s for good reason; they are beautiful but also usable! Like counter tops, functional resin pieces are more likely to get dirty and need attention. Use gentle soap and warm water to clean these items. Our resins are heat resistant so don’t worry about the soapy water being too hot. Do not put resin pieces in the dishwasher though because the detergents are too abrasive. Also, any leftover debris from other dishes could mar the surface of your items and cause the surfaces to dull. A good hand wash will clean these pieces so you can use them again and again.  


Keeping your resin projects clean doesn’t need to complicated or time consuming. Using quality resin products like Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin and Casting Resin will ensure durability. Gentle and routine cleaning will help you keep your resin pieces beautiful for years to come! 


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