How To Cover a Large Photo with Resin
How To Cover a Large Photo with Resin

How To Cover a Large Photo with Resin

Epoxy resin can make photos look more vibrant because it is translucent and glass-like.  As photos vary in sizes and shape, coating them with epoxy resin might be tricky, especially when it is a big one. 

Applying Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin to a large photo print may seem pretty complicated in terms of size, but the truth is it’s just as simple as putting resin into small prints.  In this blog we’ll discuss how to use Artist Resin to cover a large photo.  

Covering photos with resin gives a different look than the usual glass that comes with a frame.  Below are the steps on how to cover a large photo with resin:

  1. Before you begin, take out the photo that you will be using.  Cut a piece of heavy cardboard or something similar, 1/4″ smaller than your photo and center it under your photo so it stays level and doesn’t sag from the weight of the resin.  Position the photo on your work table and wipe off any surface dirt or fingerprints on with a cloth and a can of compressed air.  Raise it off the table a bit using overturned mixing cups.
  2. We suggest sealing the photo with a clear non-yellowing spray.  Then apply two thin layers of Quick Coat to make sure the photo doesn’t repel your resin.  
  3. Next mix your resin.  Artist Resin is easy to use because it has an equal ratio of 1:1, which gives an equal amount of both resin and hardener. Always stir the mixture properly for 3 minutes, you will have about 25-40 minutes working time before it thickens.  After you’ve mixed the resin, immediately pour it onto the photo and spread it out, letting the resin go over the edges.  
  4. Lastly to finish, use a torch to get rid of any bubbles to get a flawless, smooth finish.  Cover the print and let it cure for 24 hours.  


Tip:  To know how much Artist Resin you need for any project, you can visit our Resin Calculator and enter the dimensions of your photo.  It will calculate the amount of resin and hardener that you’ll need.


Tip:  It is highly advisable to test the materials or photo that you will be using with the resin to know what to expect with your final project.


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