How to Glitter and Resin a Tumbler
How to Glitter and Resin a Tumbler

How to Glitter and Resin a Tumbler

There is always something magical about glitters that command attention. If anything that sparkles is your thing, then what a better way to glitter and resin stainless steel!

In this tutorial, you will need the following:

–    a not so expensive tumbler (since you’re just experimenting on it on the first try)

–    Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin

–    clear drying white glue

–    foam brushes

–    silver halo glitter ( this usually looks like a disco ball in a bottle)

–    painter’s tape

To begin, wash the tumbler with soap and water to remove the grease and dirt. You want to start with a clean surface.

Put painters tape on both ends of the tumbler. The tumbler has ridges that can serve as your guide when taping the edges.  

Start working with the tumbler facing horizontally. You can use wood blocks or Lego blocks to keep the bottle off the table. Just rotate the sides that you will be working on.

Using a foam brush, apply glue to the surface of the bottle.

Sprinkle glitter over the glue. Use a plate underneath to catch the glitter. You can put this back to the bottle later on.

Keep on sprinkling glitter until the tumbler is completely covered. Let it dry for several hours.

Once dry, check if there are areas with missing glitter and sprinkle some more. Allow it again to dry four hours or overnight.

Now, it’s time to resin your cup. Preparing the resin is very easy. Just combine equal parts of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin and hardener (50% from each bottle). For this project, mix one cup resin and one cup hardener, for a total of 2 cups.


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