How to Make a Basic Epoxy Coaster Mold
How to Make a Basic Epoxy Coaster Mold

How to Make a Basic Epoxy Coaster Mold

If you’ve never worked with epoxy before, I know it can feel intimidating, but today I’m going to walk you through exactly how to create a fun – and super easy – project that is perfect for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros!

So, grab your glitter, settle in, and let’s learn how to create a gorgeous epoxy coaster, sis.

One of the really neat things about working with epoxy is that you can customize the look as much or as little as you’d like. Today I am going to be showing you how to create a coaster using a single color of glitter, but you can truly customize these to your heart’s content!

Ready to get started? Let’s do this!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1: Mix the Epoxy

Begin by pouring equal parts A + B epoxy and mix well. Keep in mind that the mixture will not harden if the two parts are not even or not mixed well enough.

Step 2: Add Glitter

Next, we’re going to add our glitter! Gently pour your glitter into your epoxy mixture and stir until fully combined.

Pro Tip: The more glitter you add to the epoxy, the more opaque your final mold will turn out. If you’d like it to be a bit more transparent, simply add less glitter. 

Step 3: Pour

Pour the glitter/epoxy mixture into your silicone mold (I’m using a geode mold from Counter Culture DIY).

Pro Tip: I like to pour starting in the center of my mold and allow the mixture to self-settle out to the edges. 

If you notice any air bubbles in your epoxy, you can use a light torch to remove them. If you are going to use a light torch, do not go over any one area for too long and take extra care so that you don’t overheat it and scorch the mold.

Step 4: Cure

Now we wait – it’s time to let your epoxy cure.

I use Counter Culture DIY’s Fast Set epoxy (which I HIGHLY recommend!) and it needs to cure for about 2 hours. If you’re using regular epoxy, you will need to allow about 8 hours of curing time.

Step 5: Demold + Enjoy!

Now for the fun part! Once your epoxy has fully cured, it’s time to demold your creation!

Gently begin peeling away your mold, starting at the edges and working your way inwards until you start to feel the epoxy pull away from the mold.

And that’s it, you’re done!

A note about care: For the best longevity, always handwash your epoxy creations and never allow them to soak in water. 

So whatcha think?! Ready to give it a try? I promise, once you get started working with epoxy, you won’t want to stop! There is truly SO MUCH you can do with it – from coasters to keychains, to tumblers, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, head over to YouTube to see the steps above in action! And while you’re there be sure to subscribe to my channel for lots of crafting tips, tricks, and more tutorials just like this one.

Interested in seeing more epoxy project tutorials? I’d love for you to comment below and let me know what types of things you’d like to learn how to make next!

Special Thanks to Holli Mostella for the information

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