How to Make a Cuff Bracelet with Artist Resin
How to Make a Cuff Bracelet with Artist Resin

How to Make a Cuff Bracelet with Artist Resin

Supply list:

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin

Marmalade – Intense Color

Silicone Mat (with a raised design)

Sculpting Clay

Basic clay tools

Craft heat tool

Metal cuff bracelet blank

Resin measuring cups


Stir sticks

Wet/dry sandpaper: 180 grit and 400 grit

Elastic bands

Packing tape/Painters tape


Utility knife



Step 1

Place the silicon mat on the working surface. Put a piece of tape from top to bottom, and then place another one 2 inches from the first piece. If you want narrower bangle, place the tape closer together.

Step 2

Measure 2 ½ ml of each part of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin in one cup. Mix thoroughly for about 3 minutes.

Step 3

Put the resin into a pipette and drop it into the design of the silicone mat while avoiding the tape. Repeat these steps until you have a length that will fit your wrist. Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 4

Peel off the tape being careful not to remove any between the two strips of tape.

Step 5

Get the sculpting clay and make the following: 

* two strips 1/4 inch thick by 8 inches long

* two strips 1/4 inch thick by 3 1/2 inches long

Place them around the resin. Press the clay firmly down the mats design to keep it in place…this will serve as a wall for your resin.

Step 6

Measure out 10 ml each of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin Part A and B. Mix them properly, and then add a drop or two of Counter Culture Marmalade – Intense Color. Mix the color thoroughly into the resin.

Pour the colored resin inside your clay walls. This layer should be about 1/8 inch thick. Cover the piece and let it cure for 24 hours. 

Step 7

Peel off the silicone mat.

Step 8

Remove the sculpting clay from the resin. 

Step 9

Clean up the edges using an artist knife or file. Starting with 180 grit sandpaper, smooth the edges. Finish it off using 400 grit.

Step 10

Use a heat gun to soften the front and back side of the bracelet. Or, you can place the resin in a hot water bath to make it more pliable.

Step 12

Get the metal cuff blank and lay the resin on the curve of the cuff. Let it cool a little, then test the cuff on your wrist to see if it fits. Adjust the shape if needed. Take out the cuff and place an elastic band around it to keep its shape until it cures completely.

Now your resin cuff is ready to wear!


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