How to Make a Resin Ring
How to Make a Resin Ring

How to Make a Resin Ring


A flower resin ring is so easy to make. Get your friends together and have fun making this project. Here are the supplies that you need:

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin

Measuring cups

Small silicone flower mold

Dry pigment of your choice

Stir sticks

Nitrile gloves

Sky Blue – Dispersion Color 2oz

Soft paintbrush

Glue on ring finding (band)

E-6000 Permanent craft adhesive

Step 1

Using a paintbrush, brush the dry pigment onto the silicon inside of the mold. The powder is fine so be careful not to inhale it.

Step 2

Measure equal parts of Artist Resin and hardener. Mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes.

Step 3

Add a drop or two of Sky Blue – Dispersion Color to the resin. Mix well.

Step 4

Hold the stir stick over the mold, and then slowly pour resin onto the stick. Let the stick guide the resin into the mold. Using this technique will spread out where the resin goes and hopefully will not disturb the dry pigment.

After pouring some resin, take the mold and twist it like you are demolding it. Doing this will help trapped air bubbles to pop out. Then add more resin until the mold is full.

Cover and allow the resin to cure for 24 hours.

Step 5

Once cured, demold your resin flower and sand off any rough edges.

Step 6

Apply some E-6000 glue at the bottom of the resin flower and at the top of your ring. Let the glue rest for two minutes before pressing the parts together. Let the glue cure for 24 hours.

Flaunt your DIY resin flower ring!


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