How to Make Your Photos Last Longer with Artist Resin
How to Make Your Photos Last Longer with Artist Resin

How to Make Your Photos Last Longer with Artist Resin

Photos bring great memories, which is why you want them to last almost a lifetime. Getting married or having your first baby is a milestone. What better way to celebrate life at these exciting times than to capture them through pictures.

However, you realized that hanging your favorite images on the wall with frames is too boring. Not only that but the image quality deteriorates over time. For some reasons, you can see that the colors fade way too fast and there are tiny little dark spots taking over the entire photo.

We hear you, this is quite frustrating. Let Artist Resin save your wonderful photos from now on.

Here is how we can help you:

First, clamp the print on a wood panel to hold on its place.

Spray or spread adhesive on the panel. Make sure that you put enough glue on the wood so that the print would adhere to it without difficulty.

Start pasting the image from the top going down, making sure that there are no clamps forming on any part.

Cover the entire piece with a paper. Use a spreader to press the paper against the panel. By doing this, you are guaranteed that the image is well-attached to the panel.

Next, flip the piece over and check for the edges. Trim the edges using an artist knife for a perfect fit. You are now ready to resin!

Preparing the resin is very easy. Just combine equal parts of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin and hardener (50% from each bottle). For this project, mix one cup resin and one cup hardener, for a total of 2 cups.

Stir the mixture properly for about 3 minutes.

Pour the mixture on top of the picture. Don’t be afraid that it will damage the print; Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin will actually protect it. Our resin produces a crystal-clear, glass-like finish that enhances and protects your artwork. The resin is VOC free and highly UV resistant.


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