How To Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin
How To Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin

How To Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin

You’ve always wanted to create a resin art but don’t know where to begin? No worries…pouring Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

To give you an idea, every resin artwork starts by preparing the object that you want to coat with. You need to clean, dry, and level it on our Counter Culture DIY 5×5 cradled wood panel.  Then, thoroughly mix equal parts of resin and hardener. Pour the resin into the panel, spread it nicely, torch out the bubbles, cover it and wait for 24 hours before you reveal your masterpiece!

Isn’t it that easy? Still afraid to try? Well, read on these tips on how to pour and spread Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin.

Pouring & Spreading:

At this time, you must have prepped your artwork. Measure and mix your resin and hardener properly. Pour the mixture over the subject. If you want to cover the entire piece, begin pouring at the center of the panel. Using a spreader, guide the resin until it reaches the edges of the Counter Culture DIY 5×5 cradled wood panel. Make sure that all sides are filled-up by the resin.

Tip: You have about 45 minutes to spread the mixture properly as the resin hardens after that.


There are a lot of ways to deal with the edges. Most artists like to tape off the underside of the subject and allow the resin to drip over the sides, smoothing it with a brush or a spreader.

Tip: Taking out the dripping with a gloved finger is easy while it is still wet (the 45-minute rule, remember?). But taping the underside of the artwork can take out the drip faster.  Once the resin is dry, just peel off the tape with the drips along with it.


Some artists like to let the Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin sit domed on top of the subject. Doming means that the mixture is poured at the center, barely touches the edges and without going over the sides.


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