How To Resin Alcohol Ink
How To Resin Alcohol Ink

How To Resin Alcohol Ink

If you always fancy how alcohol ink on yupo paper can be elevated to the next level, Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin can help you achieve just that. Our product is easy to use, hazard-free, and gives you that glossy finish that makes colors come alive!

To begin with, we love using our Counter Culture DIY 5×5 Cradled Wood Panel to mount your work. Our wood panel is made from a unique material that is specially designed to hold the resin well. It makes for an easy pour, with no chance of overflowing.

Let’s get started. Here are the materials that you will need:

Artist Resin 

5″x 5″ Cradled Wood Panel

Alcohol ink on a yupo paper painting to fit the panel

Artist Resin epoxy resin

Nitrile gloves 

A level

Measuring cups

Mixing container

A stir stick

Spreaders stick (popsicle stick works just fine)

A handheld torch


A cardboard box without the flaps to protect your work as it dries


    1. Get your alcohol ink painting ready. Make sure that the paint is dry before going to the next step. Mount the painting properly into the panel using a glue stick or spray adhesive. To ensure that it is evenly mounted, you can place a piece of paper on the surface of your print then smooth it out using a popsicle stick. You want to make sure that no air pocket is trapped inside. 

Tip: There are instances when sealing your work prior to applying the Artist Resin is necessary. When you will be applying Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin over a soft or low-quality paper, sealing your work is required. If you are not certain whether to seal it or not, take the safe side and just seal it. After all, Artist Resin protects alcohol ink from fading making the finished product looks new for years! (Check out our article on What Are The Benefits Of Artist Resin?)

Note: Our Counter Culture DIY 5×5 Cradled Wood Panel is an organic material which may contain trapped air. This can result in bubbles in the resin. To prevent bubbles from forming, it should be primed with ”No More Dimples” Art Primer before coating with resin. Apply a thin coat of primer to the wood panel with a brush, and then dry it quickly using a hairbrush or a heat gun. When it’s dry to the touch, apply one more thin coat of primer, dry it again using the same technique. When completely dry, you’re ready to apply the resin!

    1.   Measure how much Artist Resin you actually need. There are resin calculators available online to help you determine the quantity.
    2.   Wear protective gloves then measure the exact amounts of resin and hardener. Stir the mixture properly, ensuring you scrape the bottom and the sides of the mixing container. 
    3.   Pour the Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin gradually at the center of the panel and spread it out until the edges are filled. The resin takes about 45 minutes to harden so make sure you are satisfied with what you do before this time is up.
    4.   Using a torch, hold the flame a few inches above the resin surface long enough until all the bubbles pop out. Move the torch from side to side at all times. 
    5.   After heating, look at the resin in the light to check for any unwanted particles.     Using a toothpick, fish them out. 
    6.   Using the cardboard box, cover your project and let it rest for 24 hours until it’s dry.
    7.   After 24 hours….Viola! You just created your first masterpiece. (Note: If you are going to pack and ship your work, wait for at least 72 hours before you touch it).


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