How to Shape Artist Resin
How to Shape Artist Resin

How to Shape Artist Resin

There are so many art projects that you can do with CCDIY Artist Resin. You can take advantage of its flexibility to create plates, mini bowls, discs, whatever shape you like.

Prepare your resin as instructed. Divide the resin to add colors. For colorants, you can choose either mica pigment or dispersion colors, whatever you like.  Mix the resin plus the colors well. Make sure you have an extra clear resin just in case you will need more later on. Let the resin sit for about 10-15 minutes before pouring.  We want a consistency that is not runny so that we can mold the shape easily.

Prepare the materials. We need a very flexible heavy plastic (such as a shower curtain) or a thin silicone matt with a smooth, shiny gloss to keep the gloss of the resin. (Tip: Artists Resin “copies” the surface that it adheres to. Glossy surface=glossy resin, matte surface=matte resin, dirty surface=dirty resin). We also need a base, which we will use as a mold for the resin.  Choose something with the shape you have in mind. An inverted bowl, cup, jar etc.

We’re going to pre-pour the resin into the plastic, then transfer it into the base where we can manipulate its shape.

Start pouring colored resins unto the plastic.  You will notice that the resin is thicker, which is precisely what you need.  You can see that the resin is leveling on its own. You don’t need to spread it out. 

If you want to add embellishments like glitter, gold leaf or stones you can also do that while the resin is still tacky.  Torch only the parts with bubbles. Don’t torch all of the surface! Remember, your base is plastic, so only do short bursts on the parts where bubbles are showing.  If it’s completely clear, don’t torch.

Cover the resin. Let it sit for a few hours.

When the resin is no longer tacky, it’s time to shape it using your base.

Put the plastic with the resin on top of the base, manipulate the sides of the plastic until the resin starts forming the shape of the base.

Cover the project and let it cure for 24 hours.

The following day, carefully take your project off the base, then gently remove the resin from plastic.

Trim the rough edges with scissors, then if you want to smooth out the edges, use sandpaper.

Once the edges are smooth, you can cover the tip of the resin with metallic color. It adds elegance to the project.

So, there you have it, another CCDIY artist resin project. Always remember that with our resin, all you need is a big imagination to do something beautiful. You can play around with any shape and any color.


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