How to Use Artist Resin in Making Earrings
How to Use Artist Resin in Making Earrings

How to Use Artist Resin in Making Earrings

Yes, you can make stunning earrings using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin and it is very easy. Imagine making your own golden earrings for less than $5.00 a pair! You can create geometric-shaped earrings by using small circle shaped rings and add embellishments using resin and metallic powder.

Here are the steps in making your own earrings using Artist Resin:

Step 1

Look for silver soldered jump rings. I prefer using 8mm in diameter posts and 10mm rings. To make sure that the base of the post is hidden from the front, use posts with pads smaller than the rings.

Step 2

Use a translucent sealing tape where you can place the ring, push the rings firmly to make sure they adhere firmly to the tape. This is to make sure that the resin will not leak out. You can also fold the edges of the tape so that you have a grip on it when you need to move the rings.

Step 3

Sprinkle Alumilite Metallic Bronze Powder, then gently wipe the edges of the rings to remove the excess powder.

Step 4

Mix equal parts of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin of resin and hardener, then divide the mixture into small batches. Add a drop of Counter Culture DIY Dispersion Colors on each batch (be creative in choosing colors).

Step 5

Use a toothpick to add colored resin to each ring. It will take you a while to fill-up small rings using a toothpick so you really have to be patient. Don’t pour too much resin at a time. Once the rings are filled, use a plastic straw to gently blow out the bubbles. Be careful not to spill the resin if you blow too hard.

Step 6

Let the resin cure for 24 hours. The next day, peel off the rings.

Step 7

Glue the rings on the posts using E-6000 jewelry glue and a toothpick.

You now have different pairs of earrings that sparkle and shine on different occasions. Wear them proud!


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