How to Use Counter Culture DIY Stick Tight and Quick Coat
How to Use Counter Culture DIY Stick Tight and Quick Coat
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How to Use Counter Culture DIY Stick Tight and Quick Coat

One of the biggest concerns our newbie customers have is how to use our Counter Culture DIY Stick Tight and Quick Coat. These two products are highly recommended if you are working with materials that may repel your epoxy. They are specially formulated so your finished product can have that glass-like finish.

What is Stick Tight?

Stick Tight promotes adhesion between smooth surfaces and has the ability to bridge over contaminants that may be present in spray or marble paint. (REMEMBER: This product will not work on porous surfaces such as Stone, Concrete, Glitter or Media that has not been first coated with a resin or sealer).

As a side note, if you have already used a layer of epoxy and have had fish eyes or dimples, you can sand it and follow the steps below to salvage your project.

        How to Use:

  1. Prepare your work station. You will need a bowl with water, a bowl, and a chip brush.
  2. After your marble or spray paint has fully dried, pour a small amount of stick tight into a bowl.
  3. Use a 3-inch chip brush to apply the stick tight. Be sure to coat the entire surface. Use your chip brush to get into every area of your tumbler.
  4. After you’ve completely covered the surface with Stick Tight, don’t wait for it to dry. Rinse immediately with water using the same brush to remove all the Stick Tight.
  5. Once you’ve finished rinsing, dry the tumbler with a clean, lint-free towel. When the cup is dry, you are ready to apply the Quick Coat.

What is Quick Coat?

Quick Coat is a VOC free clear, non-yellowing sealer.  Quick Coat will seal your project before resin application. Quick Coat “seals” in the contaminants that could repel your resin.

       How to Use:

  1. After doing the steps above, pour a small amount of Quick Coat in a cup.
  2. Using a chip brush or gloved finger, apply a thin layer of Quick Coat to 100% of the tumbler surface.
  3. You can use a hairdryer to make Quick Coat dry faster.
  4. Once the first layer of Quick Coat is dry, it’s time to apply a second thin layer. Use the same method in steps #2 and #3. 
  5. Your tumbler is ready for epoxy when the Quick Coat completely dry.

If you need a video tutorial on how to use Counter Culture DIY Stick Tight and Quick Coat, view it here. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for updates, promos, and awesome tips from fellow artists!


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