How Will Artist Resin Improve Your Craft?
How Will Artist Resin Improve Your Craft?

How Will Artist Resin Improve Your Craft?

As an artist, how will Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin make your artwork more beautiful? 

You have probably seen other artists coating their paintings or photos with epoxy resin and you marvel at the result. Their resin arts look vivid in a crystal-clear glass trapped in their own world – breathing life and timelessness.

If you think that only seasoned pros can do that effect, you are missing on something. Creating artwork with a glossy finished can be done by anyone…including you. With the help of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin, you can transform your product into a higher level of workmanship.

A coat of our Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin instantly increases the value of your work because the finish creates a more expensive appeal. 

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, the coating keeps the colors underneath vibrant. The result is similar to an expensive looking UV glass that framers use. The UV light is filtered before it reaches the coloring mediums of your work. Think of it as your favorite sunblock, it prevents UV light from destroying your natural skin complexion making you look youthful for ages!

It also makes your art waterproof! You no longer need to worry about liquid spills destroying your masterpiece. 

But can you use just any epoxy resin available in the market?

Well, if you don’t care about getting your efforts wasted, go ahead. But if we were you, heck no!

So many artists (including us) have learned it the hard way. We actually started developing Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin because other resins have ruined our work. Other products made our art yellowish and there was nothing we could do. Aside from this, cheap resins created a cloudy effect which covered the true color of our art piece. Not only that, they cracked too!

What a headache!

Remember using an epoxy resin smelling so bad that you need a respirator to breathe? Aside from the inconvenience of using it, it doesn’t make sense that you are exposing yourself to toxins while doing your art. How will you enjoy what you do when you know that your health is at risk?

This is where Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin comes in. It is specially formulated to provide the benefits above without the fumes. You get true value for your money as our product can stay fresh in the bottle for months!

Still not convinced? Try us and see for yourself.


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