Painting with Glitters for Kids
Painting with Glitters for Kids
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Painting with Glitters for Kids

Kids love using glitters to add sparkle and shine to their artworks. For them, glitters bring magic to whatever they are doing. Glitters can be used in little amount if they only need some sparkle. If they want to make a bold statement, they need more glitters for their crafts. 

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use glitters in painting. This is a fun project which you can do alone or with your friends. 

To begin with, you need to draw your own design. Here, I have a butterfly pattern with “I Love U Mom” writing below. I want to give this to mom for Mother’s Day that’s why I want to make this special.

Use a pencil and lightly write the colors that you want for each part of the butterfly. For example, I’ll write pink on the wings, blue for the body, red on the other part of the wings, etc.

Work on half part of the drawing at a time. Start applying glue to the edges of the wings. It’s ok if the glue goes over the edges a little as it will just be covered later on. Pour Counter Culture DIY Glitter onto the glued area. Gently shake off the picture to get rid of the excess glitter. Be sure to have an extra paper underneath to catch the excess glitter which you can use again for your project.

Keep on repeating the steps above until all parts of the butterfly are covered with glitters. Trace the words “I Love U Mom” with glue then pour glitters on them as well.

Cover any gaps or uneven spots you made when painting. The glitters must be spread evenly in all parts of the drawing.

Once done, your picture will have a shiny finish. Go ahead and surprise your mom with your work!



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