Making a Resin Flower Bowl
Making a Resin Flower Bowl

Making a Resin Flower Bowl

We have a fabulous project for you today artist friends! Meg from Lyndly Grove is teaching us how to make a beautiful resin flower bowl. This beautiful design starts as a traditional coaster then is molded into a fabulous bowl! 

As resin artists we are always looking for new resin creations that we can try. We love this one because you can combine one process into two creations! If you’re sitting down to make a whole batch of coasters you can use the same method and add these pretty resin flowers bowls to your line up. In the video below, Meg shows you exactly how it’s done. You’ll be on your way to making these little pretties in no time. When they are complete, these bowls can be used as trinket dishes, candy bowls, car key holders, you name it! 

making a resin bowl

Making a Resin Flower Bowl

One of the best things about this fun project is that it uses supplies that you probably already have on hand. We all know how many amazing variations there are to coaster designs but we have a great surprise. There are also different things that you can do with your coaster molds! For this creation you start by making a coaster in your flower mold just like you normally would. Then, because the petals allow for flexibility, you can bend the coaster a bit and turn it into a dish. One mold, two projects. 

making a resin flower bowl

This isn’t the only mold that allows for variety either. The round and geode coaster molds can both be used to make wall hangings or tree ornaments too. You use any of the molds to make sun catchers that can hang in a window and add a touch of beauty to any room. There are so many possibilities when you start to think out side of the box (or coaster mold!). One of the things that we love most about this community is your ingenuity. We love seeing the unique things you create with traditional products! 

A Note about Measurements…

In the video below, Meg shows you exactly how to make a resin flower bowl. She answers questions that artists may have and gives some good advice. One of the things that she talks about is measuring resin. Some artists measure precisely each milliliter of resin and know exactly how much they will need for each project they do. Others, like Meg, use more of an eyeball method. They depend on their experience with certain projects to know how much resin they will need. Whether you like your measurements to be exact or are just starting with resin and don’t have a clue how much you’ll need, we have a tool to help. Our Resin Calculator can help you determine how much resin you will need for any piece off art that you are creating. All you need is an idea of the size of your project and the resin calculator will do the rest! You can access the calculator anytime under the resources tab on the website! 

making a resin flower bowl

Watch the Video Here!

Making a Resin Flower Bowl


  • Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin Meg used Medium Viscosity for these
  • Flower coaster mold
  • Clear packing tape For cleaning your molds
  • Resin calculator
  • Mixing cups
  • Mixing sticks
  • Protective gloves
  • Alcohol Ink Magenta, Olive Green, Lavender, Orange, Dandelion, White
  • Counter Culture DIY Dispersion Colors White, Aquamarine
  • Glitter Fine Opal glitter
  • Heat gun
  • Small metal bowl for molding the bowl


  • Start by combining equal amounts of Part A and B of the Artist Resin. Mix well to combine.
  • Lay out 8 small cups and pour a bit of combined resin in each of them.
    In cup1: A few drops of Aquamarine Dispersion Color. Cup 2: Turquoise Alcohol Ink. Cup 3: A few drops of White Dispersion Color and White Alcohol Ink. Cup 4: Orange Alcohol Ink. Cup 5: Yellow Alcohol Ink. Cup 6: Magenta Alcohol Ink. Cup 7: Lavender Alcohol Ink. Cup 8: Olive Green and one drop of Turquoise Alcohol Inks. Stir each color into its resin as you go. Then mix in a tiny bit of opal glitter to each one.
  • Next use tape to clean your flower coaster molds to make sure there aren't any particles or debris settled in them.
  • Now it's time to pour! Start by using cup 1 (Aquamarine Dispersion Color) and pour around the edge of the mold. Then pour cup 2 (Turquoise Alcohol Ink) to fill in the center. Use the heat gun to blend the colors a bit and pop any bubbles. Now take the clear resin and flood the center. Then add any remaining resin from cup 1 around the edges again. Hit the coaster with the heat again.
  • Next take a clean stir stick and gently pull from the outside edge toward the center to pull a little color inward.
  • Now use a second flower coaster mold. Start by pouring cup 4 (orange) around the outer edge of one petal. Repeat this with the yellow, pink, purple, and green, one color in each petal. Then use the clear resin to flood the center of the flower. Use the heat gun to blend and pop bubbles.
  • Next use a stir stick to drizzle the white mix around the outer edge of each petal. Then use a stir stick to gently pull the white toward the center.
  • Now add a little bit of the Opal glitter to the center of the flower and use a stir stick to set it in place. Use the heat gun again.
  • For the next step be sure to wear gloves so you don't leave fingerprints in your uncured resin. Allow the coasters to cure up until flexible and then demold it. Clean up the edges with a cutting tool and exacto knife if you need to.
  • Turn the coasters upside down and use the heat gun to warm them a bit. Keep the heat gun moving so you don't burn any spots and so you evenly heat it. Next, place the coaster inside the bowl or flip the bowl over and mold it to the bottom and mold the coaster into a bowl shape. Place something heavy on top of the coaster to keep it weighed down so it will cure into the bowl shape or keep working with it until it cools enough to hold its bowl shape. You can also try using rubber bands to hold the bowl in place. Allow the coaster bowls to finish curing and then add any finishing details that you want.

The Wrap Up…

And that’s how you make a resin flower bowl friends! After your bowl has cured you can add some finishing touches if you want to. A gold rim around the edge would be pretty or you could use some of our Precious Metals to add accents to your dish. Haven’t tried Precious Metals yet? We have a post that gives you all the details and shows you how to use them! If you want to see more of Meg’s creations and tutorials you can follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube, and you can check out her Facebook group, Curious Crafters.

resin bowls making a resin bowl

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