Making Rose Quartz Coasters
Making Rose Quartz Coasters

Making Rose Quartz Coasters

We have another awesome project from our coaster series for you! Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove is back and showing us how to make beautiful rose quartz coasters. We can’t wait for you to see how they turned out!

There are so many different types of coaster molds, and about a zillion different ways you can use those molds. Today Meg is showing us how to use our square coaster molds to make a rose quartz design. This method has such beautiful results! All the layers and dimension give these coasters a marbled look that is so elegant. Meg walks us through every step of the process and gives tips and tricks along the way. These coasters look complex but are actually pretty simple. If you are just starting our with resin or are nervous about trying coasters, this is the perfect project for you! And if you’re a coaster vet, this will make a great addition to your tool box. 

Making Rose Quartz Coasters

With all the fun shapes available in coaster molds many of us have taken a step back from the classic square. Meg is giving us a fantastic reason to brush off our square molds and play with them again! This rose quartz technique is really fun to do and so beautiful to look at. The method used to make these coasters is far from exact, it’s more like abstract art. That makes making these pretties almost meditative. Much of the process involves adding layer after layer of drizzling and something about that is just so soothing. Put on some good tunes, grab your protective gear and Artist Resin, and let’s get creative! 

Design Variations…

Obviously Meg went for a rosy look with these coasters and they are so gorgeous in these colors. Don’t think that this is the only color combo you can try though! The recipe we give you for these coasters, just like any cooking recipe, is meant to be adapted. Once you know the basic ingredients and technique you’ll be able to tweak it any way you like. Basically you need 4 color shades: white, slightly dark, light, and very light. Meg tells us the specific colors to use for these coasters so don’t worry. But, when you’re ready to branch out and try your own color combos, you’ll know the color formula to use! 

You also don’t have to limit this design to coasters. This technique would be spectacular in a coaster caddy or on a tray. Tiles and wall art would also be beautiful like this. There are so many things you’ll be able to try once you grasp the basics of this process. 

The Finishing Touches…

Once you’ve finished your coasters and they’ve cured for 24 hours, you’ll be ready to move onto the final steps. First you will want to add a doming layer. That will ensure your coasters are even and durable. It also adds that extra layer of shine. After that layer cures you can call your coasters complete or you can add one last touch. For her coasters, Meg used our gold paint marker to add edging. This extra little touch adds so much shimmer and offers a beautiful contrast to the rose quartz look. You could also use Precious Metals to detail in some shimmer to the coasters before you add your doming layer. These coasters are beautiful as is but it is always fun to add a little something extra! 

making rose quartz coasters

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Rose Quartz Coasters

How to use square coaster molds to make rose quartz coasters



  • First lay down a layer of wax paper under your molds. There is some drizzling that will be a bit messy. Before you get started with the main portion of these coasters, mix a small amount of Artist Resin and add a few drops of White Armor Art to it. Drizzle this into the bottom of your coaster molds. Meg used Fast Set so it would cure more quickly but you can use whichever Artist Resin you prefer. Doing this step will keep the white from fading into the next layer when you pour it.
  • For the rest of the coaster, start by combining equal amounts of parts A and B of your Artist Resin and mix well for about 3 minutes to combine, scraping the sides of your cup and mixing stick.
  • Put some of your combined resin into 4 small cups, one for each color you will be using. In one cup add a scoop of Rosie Mica Powder and a tiny scoop of Carnation Mica Powder, in the next add a scoop of Fondly Pink Mica Powder, in the next add 2-3 drops of Easter Morning Dispersion Color. In the last cup add White Armor Art. Mix each cup to combine well.
  • Start your pouring with the Easter Morning cup. Pour a few small spots of it into the mold. Repeat with each of the pink mica powder cups.
  • Use the heat gun to move and blend your colors. Then use a stir stick to make sure the bottom of the mold is totally covered.
  • Next use a stir stick to drizzle the white over the top of the layer. Then repeat the same process with all three of your pinks. Then add another drizzle layer of the white. Use the heat gun again.
  • Continue to add layers of drizzles using each color, using the heat gun as you need to.
  • Allow the coasters to cure for 24 hours before adding a doming layer to complete them.

And that’s it! Like we said, these are pretty simple to make. They are a little messy though, with all that drizzling. Just make sure you have some wax paper on hand and it’ll be fine. Plus, messy art is fun art, right!? If you loved learning from Meg and want to see more of her creations and tutorials you can follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube, and you can check out her Facebook group, Curious Crafters.


Making rose quartz coasters

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