Making the Social Media Shift from Hobbyist to CEO
Making the Social Media Shift from Hobbyist to CEO

Making the Social Media Shift from Hobbyist to CEO

We have so many talented artists in our community and we know that many of you are ready to take that plunge and start your business. Melanie Ferguson from Southern Crush at Home is teaching us all about making the social media shift from hobbyist to CEO. She is specifically covering how to make that shift on Facebook. We can’t wait for you to see what she has to say!

So many aspects of having a creative business take place online. From ordering supplies to selling your products, and everything in between. A huge part of having an online business is having a successful social media presence. We know that it can be overwhelming to think of all the social media platforms and all of their algorithms but it doesn’t need to be! Like Melanie says, unless you already have thousands of followers, all you need to focus on right now is Facebook. Because, until you have about 1,000 followers who are engaging with you, there won’t be anyone to see any of the awesome things that you’re doing on other platforms. So, read on to learn how to get started with your Facebook business page and make the social media shift from hobbyist to CEO. Melanie gives you some great information and a few simple things that you can implement today! 

Tips to Grow Your Business:

Making the Social Media Shift from Hobbyist to CEO

So the first thing that you should know is that you can watch Melanie’s full presentation in the video below. She goes into a lot of detail about how to:

  • Optimize your Personal Facebook Profile
  • How to Set up your Facebook Business Page
  • Nailing your Niche with your Business Page
  • How to Take your Business to the Next Level with LIVE Video

We are summarizing some highlights of the wisdom and information that Melanie shares but you’ll find much more insights in the video. You can also join her Facebook group, Creatives on Fire Community where Melanie teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their Facebook page from 0-1000, from 1000-10,000, and on from there. You can check out her tutorials on setting up your Facebook business page and to learn so much more! There you’ll also find a fabulous community of other creative business owners, lots of helpful information, and Melanie’s podcast. There’s so much to learn but Melanie breaks it down and makes it doable!

Step One: Optimize your Personal Profile

Melanie explains that, when you have an online business, your Facebook profile is no longer just for fun stuff. And that is true for your personal profile as well as the business page you will set up. Melanie also lays out the steps that you need to take to optimize your personal profile. She shows you her own page so that you can see an example of exactly what she is describing. From making the most of your banner to choosing featured pictures that show you as person AND a business owner, she covers it all. 

Step Two: Set up you Business Page

Perhaps the most important part about setting up your business page is making sure that it speaks to your perfect person. You want your followers to be people who are interested in what you are doing and selling. You could have a million followers but if they aren’t engaging with your posts or buying what you have to sell, they aren’t doing anything for you. So, the key is to “nail your niche with your business page”. 

Again, Melanie shows you exactly how you can start to do this in a few actionable steps. She shows you how to start your business page off right, or how to tweak it if you aren’t exactly on the right track with your established business page. If, right off the bat, you are nailing the right audience on your Facebook page, you will be building a community of engaged followers! 

Step Three: Get More Followers!

Getting more followers on Facebook is a goal that most of us share. More followers and engagement mean that the Facebook algorithm starts to recognize us a serious businesses. Melanie explains what you need to do to increase your following and how to work with the algorithm. Spoiler alert: consistency and videos are key! 

Be consistent with how often and when you are posting on Facebook to make the most of your posts. Also, get out from behind the camera! People want to see you not just your amazing products. Pictures with you in them are fabulous! However, you also need to be posting videos. They way to get your page seen on Facebook these days is to have videos. They can include videos of your products but you should also be going LIVE every week. Melanie explains all of this in her presentation and she also gives some amazing tips on how to get over your nerves if you’re worried about going LIVE. You can do it! And you don’t need any fancy equipment to get started. 


Watch Melanie’s Presentation Here!


The Wrap Up…

We learned so much from Melanie and are so grateful to her for sharing her expertise with us! Whether you are just getting started with your creative business or are looking for ways to grow, you can learn lots of useful things from Melanie. And the best part is, most of the things she talks about you can start doing today! If you enjoyed learning for Melanie you can find more from her on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website. Looking for more tips for building you business? We have another post all about building your brand and how to market it! And stay tuned, we have more business related posts coming soon!


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