Mica powders are composed of sheets of silicate materials and are monoclinic that has a similar chemical composition with crystals. When using a microscope, mica powder looks like a hexagon, and is very thin and can almost be compared to sand. Although the sand is thin, mica powders are glittery and shimmering, which makes it more attractive.

Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder is my favorite mica powder brand. Their mica powders can be bought online at https://counterculturediy.com/ (no regrets!) The Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder comes in different colors: pink, blueberry, chestnut, gray, wine, violet, rose, cherry, copper, pearl, gold, teal, orange, bronze, kiwi, black, fuchsia, forest, brown, lemon, lavender, blue, chartreuse. 

In this blog, I will be reviewing Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder and demonstrate why I am in love with this product. I will also be giving out tips on how to use it. For this blog, I will be mixing Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder with their resin as well. I will show you the steps on how to do it.

Read down below to know more.


Mixing Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder into resin is actually pretty simple. I always find it fun to do. They are basically just colored powders that you mix with water, or pour in stamps or cardboard that have ink-tacks. For this blog, we will be mixing the powders into the resin. 

Here are the steps:

  1.   Choose your Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder colors. 
  2.   Make sure you have a concept or design when you pick your colors.
  3.   When you have chosen your colors, put a desirable amount of those colored powders into small mixing containers. The containers should also be filled in with resin.
  4.   Once you have those in different containers, mix the powder with the resin.
  5.   Next, when all of it is mixed, get the platform that you will be doing your art. I used a tile for this artwork, but it’s up to you what medium will you be using. Put a scrap paper on your work table so that it will be easy for you to clean up later. 
  6.   When your medium is set, you can start painting using the Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder with resin on it. The design is up to you.
  7.   Once you’re done, let it dry, or you can use a blowtorch to enhance the colors.

Personally, I like Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder because the colors are very vibrant and there’s really a lot to choose from. What I also like is that it mixes well with the resin, and the color sticks with the consistency of the resin. Some mica powders do not stick with a substance such as resin. I highly recommend Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder to artists and artists at heart because it is safe, works well with any mixture, and brings out vibrance to your work.


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