Mica Powder Review
Mica Powder Review

Mica Powder Review

For today’s blog, we will be reviewing the Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder. The Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder is a material similar to crayons or watercolors, except for the fact that it is a powder. This is perfect for people of all ages who embrace art and are artists at heart. 

The Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder is very economical. It is made up of decadent oak, so it is actually organic. It contains 10mL of powder in its small pot and is packed with shimmer and shine pigments. I personally like the Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder because it enhances my artwork with its glittery effect and cosmic shimmer, and it gives more beauty to the designs I make. I also highly recommend it to everyone who loves using mica powders in their work. When you open the lid, you can see that the Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder has a darkish clay color. It has a very finely milled powder texture.

In this blog, we will be teaching you how to use the Mica Powder.

 Here are the steps and tips:

  1.   Work on a piece of scrap or scratch paper. This will make it easier for you to clean up later once you’re done.
  2.   Start off by stamping an image. You can choose a design that you like. Stamps can be bought in art stores. Glass or hard stamps are advisable for this tutorial because it marks all the way through paper or cardboard.
  3.   Use an ink pad and stamp it all over your pattern stamp. When I tried this tutorial before writing this blog, I used the Perfect Medium Ink Pad by Ranger. This is the ink pad that I always use. Stamp the ink pad all over your pattern. The ink pad is quite sticky and is perfect for the Mica Powder. This will make the powder stick to the pattern. Ink pads are more like tacky, so it’s not really close to a glue’s texture.
  4.   Next, try to stamp the pattern with the tacky ink to the card where you will be doing your artwork. It is best to really press your hands to the glass pattern to make the ink visible to the card. The ink will serve as an outline for the powder to stick. The mark might be a little unclear when not directed to light because this only leaves a watermark-like stamp in the card.
  5.   Remove the stamp mat after.
  6.   Get a small brush. This could be any brush—may it be an old blusher brush or a makeup brush—but I would advise that you should have a long clean brush. Dip the brush in the Mica Powder and then dot it around your image card in a few places. Tap your brush to leave excess powder on it. 
  7.   After that, simply brush the powder on the image card gracefully. Do not brush it too fast or too hard. You should brush slowly, in a swirling motion, and make sure the powder hits all the pattern lines of the tacky ink. Keep on brushing until the pattern is visible. If there is excess powder and the pattern is already clear with, you can tap the powder back to the small Mica Powder container so that it can still be used.
  8.   Next, get a dry kitchen towel or paper. Rub and clean off the excess powder on your design.
  9.   After you’ve wiped off the excess powder, get it close to a light. You can see the shimmer and glitter effect of the powder to the design.
  10.   You may send cards like these to your family or friends. You can even make a larger version of this and have it framed!

Tip: Another way to use Mica Powder is to mix it with water. Pour a desirable amount of powder in the lid and add a drop or two of water. Mix it together with a brush and, viola! It’s a shimmering watercolor that you can use to paint a background!


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