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Mica powder is an art tool and ingredient that is similar to watercolor or crayons. The difference is that it is a colored powder and is usually tapped over an inked or tacked design just like glitters. It is made up of natural crystals, so it gives out a shimmering effect on your art piece when applied. The Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder comes into tons of colors to choose from and is certified safe for home use. For this blog, we will be showing you three ways to use Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder in your artwork and the steps and tips on doing so.

Here are the ways you can use it:

  1.   Tapping Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder 

This is the easiest of the ways that we will be sharing in this blog. This is just as easy as tapping the powder over your sticky patterned design—more like the same as pouring over glitter. Here are the steps on how to do this:

  1.   Get a scrap paper to cover your worktable. This will make it easier for you to clean up later.
  2.   Get your cardboard or the medium that you will be doing your art. 
  3.   Get your transparent ink pad or tack pad. This is almost the same as glue, but it’s stickier than glue. 
  4.   Get a clean brush. Set the pattern on your cardboard and brush some tack pad on it.  
  5.   After setting the pattern, you can now sprinkle the Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder on to your design. Once you’ve covered all the design with the powder, tap the excess back to the container so that it will not go to waste. 
  6.   Let it dry.


  1.   Putting Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder in a bottle spray


In a bottle spray, fill it in with water. Once filled, mix it in with a color of your choice of Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder. Shake the powder in the spray bottle until it has been properly mixed with the water. After doing so, get a piece of paper and spray the mixture on it. When you spray the mixture on the paper, the color is not that thick because it’s already mixed with the water, that’s why when you spray it, it will only show the color shimmer that the powder brings. This is perfect for origami like paper flowers and the sashes.


  1.   Mixing mica powder with gel base

The gel base is the ink pad that we used in way number 1. This may be the gel base transparent or the gel transparent 3D matte ones. Simply mix in the powder with the gel base in a plastic cup or any container that you have at home. Stir it carefully until the powder color is mixed well with the gel base. You can then use a brush to spread it on your medium or in your designed pattern. 


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