Paperweight with Silver Leafing Using Cast Resin
Paperweight with Silver Leafing Using Cast Resin

Paperweight with Silver Leafing Using Cast Resin

A resin paperweight is a great gift idea for any occasion.  You can do these in batches and keep them on hand to give throughout the year.  From birthdays to holidays, this DIY project is a beautiful way to show that you care!

Here are the things that you need: 

Counter Culture DIY Casting Resins

Paperweight Mold

Gilding Flakes in Silver

Counter Culture DIY  Dispersion Colors (in the colors of your choice)

Mixing Cups

Stir Sticks

Step 1:

Follow the directions for Counter Culture DIY’s Casting Resins.  Culture Cast is 1:1, Hard Cast is 2:1. Mix for about three minutes. Pour into the mold leaving about 1/4″ unfilled.

Step 2:

Sprinkle silver gilding flakes into the resin. Tear some with your fingers to make smaller pieces. Use stir sticks or toothpick to arrange them. Cover the piece and let it cure for 24 hours for Culture Cast and 48 hours for Hard Cast.

Step 3:

Mix another batch of resin, this time add a drop or two of Counter Culture DIY Dispersion Colors. You can use a single color or as many colors as you want. When using multiple colors, add the colors randomly to the mold. Use a something pointed to gently mix and marble colors.  Make sure that the entire surface is covered.

Step 4:

Cover the project and allow the resin to cure. Remove the piece from the mold.

Now you have a sparkling resin paperweight that you can give to your friends!  They’ll surely love them!


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