Making a Resin Waterfall
Making a Resin Waterfall

Making a Resin Waterfall

Creating a miniature waterfall can be a beautiful addition to your desk. Or it can be a great gift for a friend as a keepsake. 

For this project, you will need:

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin

Mixing cups and stir sticks


Scallop or cockle shells

Clear plastic wrap

Small rocks and pebbles


Hot glue gun

Step 1

Choose three shells that are different in sizes. Using a glue gun, attach the biggest shell to the second largest shell, and wait to dry before you glue the smallest shell. Wait for the glue to dry then clean-up any extra threads of glue.

Step 2

The pebbles and small rocks will act as your base. Start gluing them at the bottom of the biggest shell one by one.  Also, put some pebbles at the back of other shells to support the structure. Add pebbles into the empty spaces. Wait for the glue to dry, and then take out messy glue threads.

Step 3

Cut small pieces of clear plastic wrap. Attach each strand from one shell to another using hot glue. Wait for the glue to dry and remove excess threads.

Step 4

Starting from the basin of the top shell, add a thread of hot glue on the plastic wrap. Do this in all plastic wrap threads, from top to bottom. If you are not satisfied with how the stream looks like, let the glue cool first before you take it off. A hot glue gun is also very useful in creating a shape on your stream. Use it to smoothen out the glue surface or make it rougher, depends on your preference. 

If you want to add more streams, use plastic wrap again for the support. Place another stream next to the other one, not on top of an already cooled stream. You don’t want to put glue on top of the other as it may re-liquify the supporting structure and cause it to collapse. 

Step 5

Once the stream is cooled, prepare the resin. Mix equal parts of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin part A and B for three minutes. Let the mixture rest for a bit to congeal it and make it adhere to the glue better. 

Using a gloved hand, apply the resin to the waterfall structure. Put resin on the shell to make it look like the basin is catching some water. Use pipette when applying resin along the glue streams. Let the resin cure for 24 hours.

Before displaying your work, you can add other embellishments to your piece like sands, imitation plants, unique rocks, pearls, molded animals, etc. 

Bringing outdoor inspirations to your home table is so easy using Artist Resin! That’s it for now and see you on our next blog.


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