The Role of Creativity After Tragedy
The Role of Creativity After Tragedy

The Role of Creativity After Tragedy

Having witnessed heart-breaking events in the past, we at Counter Culture DIY, want to share our insights on how to use creativity as a form of therapy.

Rehabilitation after a tragedy is something we can work on ourselves – diverting negative emotions into positive energy.  Emotions like sorrow and pain are prevalent after a tragedy. However, overcoming these harrowing feelings can make us better in the end. 

Creativity and Healing

A wonderful therapeutic way of healing is art.  Art helps in expressing emotions through craft projects, colors, or music.  Spreading bright or soft paint on a canvas, grasping the subtle rhythm of a colored pencil, or even getting your hands on wet clay is very therapeutic.

With art, you are the one who controls what you feel.  Imagination can compensate for the restrictions of language.  President Obama, addressing to the Pulse Night club victim’s relatives, said: “grief is beyond description.”  In November 2015, when Paris was in the middle of an invasion, an artist named Jean Jullien portrayed the Eiffel tower inserting a peace sign. His simple pictogram was adapted by people around the world as a symbol of unity against terrorism.

Creativity and Voice

Having a voice gives the power to express feelings.  Jean Jullien’s viral pictogram was something that diverted people’s attention from the attack, and ignited people’s desire for peace.  That pictogram was his way of expressing his thoughts during the catastrophe, and people reacted positively to it.

Having a voice is a freeing, and even though you cannot change what happened in the past, expressing your feelings can make you stronger.  Creativity comes from within us, and it is a powerful tool.

Counter Culture DIY aspires to see the good in every situation.  Creativity is a personal thing, but if used the right way, it can touch millions of lives.  


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