Tips in Packing Resin Art for Shipping
Tips in Packing Resin Art for Shipping

Tips in Packing Resin Art for Shipping

Many of our artists create a piece to give as a gift or sell to their patrons. When packing the item, it is important to use the correct materials to prevent the artwork from being damaged. Before packing your piece, keep the following tips in mind:

    1.   Ensure that the resin is fully cured (72 hours after the coating).
    2.   Work on a cushioned surface. Always wear gloves when handling your artwork (you don’t want your fingerprint to be shipped together with your piece!)
    3.   Use any of the following paper to wrap your piece: Glassine paper, parchment, butcher or kraft paper.
    4.   Wrap your artwork with padding material like polyfoam or cloth.
    5.   Put in a box and send.

Check out these more detailed tips in packing small and medium pieces of resin art:

Step 1: Wait for 72 hour curing time before wrapping the item. This is to make sure that the resin is 100% cured and ready for shipping. Don’t think that it will be cured on the way to its destination. To prevent issues like denting and marking while shipping the item, don’t touch the item before the curing time lapsed. (Note: the 72-hour benchmark is for 1/8” coating. If the resin is thicker than this, extend the curing time).

Step 2: It is important to choose the right material for the first layer since it directly touches the surface of the artwork.  We strongly recommend that you use a Glassine art paper as the first layer. The glossy, extra-smooth, non-abrasive, and acid-free qualities of this paper make it a perfect choice. It also has moisture and grease resistant properties which prevent it from sticking to the resined surface. Many art galleries and museums use Glassine paper to wrap their paintings. (Note: Do not use plastic as your first layer. Plastic can leave marks on the resin which are hard to remove. Never use bubble wrap as it can create small, circular imprints on the resined surface.)

Step 3: For the outer layer, what you need are materials that can cushion your item properly. Best padding options include polyfoam, fabric, canvas, towels, or cardboard. Finally, put it in the box, seal it, and then send it. Just like that and you’re done!


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