Tips on How to Coat Tumblers with Artist Resin
Tips on How to Coat Tumblers with Artist Resin

Tips on How to Coat Tumblers with Artist Resin

While we have articles suggesting the steps in applying epoxy resins, some of our customers want to share their tips on how they use our product properly. While using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is easy, we acknowledge that many artists have various ways of making using it more effectively. 

Here are some tips on how to coat tumblers with Artist Resin:

Tip #1: Jefferson

  1. It looks like the resin adheres better when the room is warm.  Therefore, avoid turning on your air conditioning unit while working on your piece.
  2. If you will be working on a large number of tumblers, better invest in spinner that can hold them better. This way, it will be easier for you to work on different sides of the tumbler.
  3. Measure equal parts of resin and hardener. Stir the mixture slowly to prevent bubbles.
  4. Use a heat gun only as needed (when there are so many bubbles). Only do a quick run with it (about 20 minutes only) to pop the bubbles. The nozzle must be 5-8 inches away from the tumbler. Overusing the heat gun can create fisheyes and dimples on the item (which you don’t want).

Tip #2: Karolina

  1. Warm Part A resin before using it. Put it near your space heater while you are preparing your tumbler. 
  2. Mix Part B hardener to a warm Part A resin.
  3. Stir slowly.
  4. Using a gloved finger, apply the solution to the tumbler from bottom to top rim. 
  5. You know that all sides are covered with resins when your finger “slides” effortlessly. 
  6. Lightly heat the resin coat using a handheld torch to get rid of the bubbles.

Tip 3#: Jerry

  1. To coat the tumbler with the resin faster, use a 2-inch flat silicon brush. Brush in one direction only. Make sure that the amount of coating is even on all sides.


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