DIY Christmas Door Hanger
DIY Christmas Door Hanger
DIY Christmas Door Hanger

DIY Christmas Door Hanger

With the holidays approaching, we know that many of you are in full on crafting mode. We hope your shops are busy and your shipping issues are few! Today Meg of  Maker Magic with Meg Epps by Lyndly Grove is sharing a fabulous Christmas craft idea that would make a great addition to your handmade holiday products. She shows us how to make a DIY Christmas door hanger that is simple to make and oh so cute when it’s done!

Whether you are looking for handmade Christmas gift ideas. Or ready to add a new Christmas item to your product line up. This DIY Christmas door hanger may be just what you are looking for! Meg uses Pop of Color Paint and vibrant glitters to make her adorable Christmas door decor.

She also uses UV Resin to make the Christmas lights on her door hanger 3D. We love this idea! But even if you don’t want to pull out the resin, you can still make this Merry Christmas door hanger. Check out the video and recipe below to see what Meg used and how she put it all together. We hope you love it as much as we do!

DIY Christmas Door Hanger

DIY Christmas Door Hanger

Blurb We love Meg’s idea to make the lights on her door hanger 3D. It adds depth, dimension, and lots of sparkle to her door hanger. Meg used UV Resin and Christmas light ornament molds to make her lights. She chose vibrant shades of glitter and added them to the resin before pouring it into the molds.

Since UV Resin cures in mere minutes, she was able to make all the lights that she needed quickly. Using resin gives this DIY Christmas door hanger an edge on all the others. The colors are brighter, the shine is real, and the results are uniquely beautiful!

DIY Christmas Door Hanger

Christmas Door Hanger Design Ideas

As Meg points out in the video, her project is meant to inspire you. You can do it just like Meg does, or add your own touches and variations. Here are just a few other suggestions…

  • Add Christmas greenery into your bow. This will give you more color, texture, and interest.
  • Use green paint or a paint marker to add in the string for the lights to hang from. This may change the placement of your lights but could be a really cute idea!
  • One of the artists that watched this tutorial live had the great idea to hang more light ornaments from the bottom of the door hanger. Not only would it be super cute, it would also extend the length of the door hanger which would be great for larger doors. 

DIY Christmas Door Hanger

Can I Use Artist Resin to Make the Christmas Lights?

UV Resin cures in minutes which makes it the fastest option for adding 3D lights to your door hanger. It is especially useful if you plan to make several door hangers to sell. But you do have a couple of other options if you don’t have UV Resin on hand or are looking to simplify things even more. You could use traditional Artist Resin to make the lights.

Just make sure that you are making a large enough batch (at least 2 oz) for the chemical reaction of the resin to occur. Your curing time would be much longer but it is still totally doable! If you have plenty of time to work with and plan to make several door hangers, Artist Resin is actually a great option since it’s price point is much less than UV Resin.

You can also pour your ornaments a little deeper since the traditional resin will fully cure in pours up to 1/4 inch. So if you are going for lights that really stand out, go for the Artist Resin.

Can I Skip the Resin?

You sure can! If you want to simplify things or keep them 2D, you can use Pop of Color Paints and matching shades of glitter to do your lights. Instead of using the bottom of your vinyl as a guide for your light placement, weed it carefully and use it as a stencil.

You can either paint your lights and then add the glitter directly to the wet paint. Or you can let the paint dry and use Mod Podge to apply your glitter. Tap your door hanger or use a make up brush to remove any excess glitter. Then seal the door hanger to keep your glitter from escaping!

DIY Christmas Door Hanger

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

DIY Christmas Door Hanger

Learn how to make a beautiful Christmas door hanger with Pop of Color Paints!
Yield: 1 door hanger


  • Start by giving your wooden blank a coat of Pure White Shock Paint. Then allow it to dry. You can use a heat gun to speed this process up if you want to.
  • Pour a little bit of clear UV Resin into a medicine cup and add a glitter spoonful of Evergreen Glitter. Mix it well to combine. You only need a little bit since we don't need to fill the mold completely for this project.
  • Start by squirting the black UV resin into the top of the ornament, where the "screw in" part of the bulb would be. Don't fill the mold all the way, you want a thinish layer.
    Then pour your glittered resin into the rest of the mold, not filling it completely.
  • Turn on the UV Lamp and let the ornament cure beneath it for a few minutes. Then take it out of the mold and flip it over so the wet side is up. Let it cure under the lamp for a few more minutes.
  • Then add doming layer of black UV resin over the black and clear UV resin over the glitter.
  • Make a total of 3 green ornaments. Then repeat the same process with red, yellow, blue, and gold glitters. Making 3 of each.
  • Once your ornaments are cured, file off any rough edges. You can do this while you are waiting for subsequent ornaments to cure.
  • Now use the white paint marker to add little reflection marks on each ornament.
  • Next, weed your stencil and use the transfer paper to carefully apply it to the wood panel.
  • Remove the transfer paper and smooth it down all the way. Then brush all the letters with Mod Podge. This will help keep the paint from bleeding under the stencil. You can use a heat gun to speed up the drying process.
  • Then use the Black Shock Paint to paint in the letters. Use one coat for a more distressed look. And two coats if you want your letters to be bold and vibrant. Use a heat gun to help the paint to dry faster.
  • With the paint still a tiny bit wet, gently pull up the stencil. The stencil won't stick as much if you remove it with the paint slightly damp.
  • Then use hot glue to attach your ornaments to the door hanger. You can leave them as is or use a paint marker to draw in the string that the lights hang from.
  • Finish your door hanger by adding a hook to the back and a bow to the top.

The Finishing Touches

And that’s how you make a DIY Christmas door hanger, y’all! Front porch decor is a huge part of decorating for many people. Getting in on the door decor could be a great option for your crafting biz. Or you could just have fun and make a few to gift and to keep. Either way, this is a really fun holiday craft idea! Looking for another Christmas craft idea? Check out our post, How to Make a Holiday Serving Tray!

As always, a big thanks to Meg for sharing her time and talent with us. If you loved learning from Meg and want to see more of her creations and tutorials you can follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube, and you can check out her Facebook group, Curious Crafters. You can also join her mentoring group, Maker Magic for extra information and support from two amazing resin artists! 

DIY Christmas Door Hanger

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