Snow Globe Tumbler Tutorial
Snow Globe Tumbler Tutorial

Snow Globe Tumbler Tutorial

We are back with another fabulous how-to resin project for you! Kaelee Rupell of Kaelee’s Kups is giving us snow globe tumbler tutorial. The results are as fun as they are beautiful. She shows us exactly how it’s done and all the materials she used so you can make your own snow globe tumbler!

Kaelee’s snow globe tumbler tutorial is so easy to follow. Kaelee uses our UV Resin, glitter, sprinkles, and mica powder to complete this project in a matter of minutes. That makes this a  perfect project for any artists who are new to working with resin. And of course for you veterans too! 

It is also a project that is great to do with kids. Since there is no resin to mix (UV Resin is a one bottle operation!) there are fewer steps and mess which makes it a good one for your budding artists. We can’t promise it will be mess free. After all there is still baby oil and glitter involved. But the young ones will love adding the glitter and sprinkles as well as holding the UV lamp to help cure the resin!

Snow globe tumbler tutorial

Snow Globe Tumbler Tutorial

Let’s talk about how versatile snow globe tumblers are! We already mentioned that they are easy to make and only take a fraction of the time that most tumblers do. They can also be customized in an almost infinite number of ways! Swap out your glitter. Try different colors of mica powders. Change up the sprinkles. 

There is a perfect combination for every person and every season! Snow globe tumblers are perfect for winter and holiday designs. Add some of our famous (maybe infamous, lol) Sterling Snow glitter and some cute Christmas sprinkles and you have the perfect holiday gift. But they are also fabulous for year-round creations. The cute fruit sprinkles and beautiful pink colors that Kaelee chose beg to be used to sip some sangria by the pool!

Snow Globe Tumbler Design Variations

Ok, you’ve learned the basics of how to make a snow globe tumbler. Now it gets really fun! Not only are there a million and ways to customize the snow globe part of your tumbler. There are lots of other things that you can add to it too!

Make it a Drip Tumbler

Drips cups are all the rage right now. And it is easy to see why! The drips add so much fun and texture the cup. And with a few little additions they really add to the overall theme of your tumbler. We have a great post that teaches you everything you need to know about  How to Make the Perfect Drip Cup! Check that out and learn how to take your tumblers designs to the next level!

Add a Decal

We all know how much people love a personalized cup. Whether it is adding their name or a favorite saying, customization is always a big hit with cup fans. If you have a vinyl cutter and program you can design your own decals to add to your cups.

Don’t know how to design your own or just don’t feel like it? You can find lots of talented artists who sell their SVG files. That way all you have to do is print and apply! 

Tumbler Toppers

And to top the whole thing off, you can add a super fun topper to your cup! Whipped cream and cherries for a sundae cup. Marshmallows and candy canes for a hot chocolate tumbler. And fabulous fruit toppers for your summer cups. There are so many amazing topper options for you too! 

To see an example of what we are talking about and to learn about Making Summer Lid Toppers, check out our blog post featuring artist Nikki Hamilton!

And don’t forget about our CCDIY YouTube channel! There are tons of resin tutorials done by the talented artists in our CCDIY community. It is binge worthy creativity at its best, y’all!

Snow Globe Tumbler Tutorial

Yield: 1 tumbler


  • Start by removing the lid from your tumbler and setting it aside. Then use your drill to drill one or two holes in the bottom of the tumbler without going all the way through into the cup's interior.
  • Next, put a line of painter's tape along the rim of cup behind the hole. This will help catch what you are adding into the cup. Now add some of your sprinkles through the hole in the cup.
  • Then add glitter through the hole. Finally add your mica powder. You don't need to use too much of this.
  • Now remove the tape and use it to remove as much of the overflow from the bottom of your cup as you can.
  • Then pour the baby oil through the hole. Use a paper towel to wipe off any spillage. Then give the contents of your cup a good swirl. When everything is well combined, use a paper towel and alcohol to remove any and all baby oil from the cup. Then make sure the cup is completely dry.
  • Put a small square of the resin tape over the hole in the bottom of your cup. Next squirt enough UV Resin over the whole to cover it. Hold the UV lamp over the resin for a few minutes to cure it.
  • Next add a second layer of UV Resin and use the lamp to cure it.
  • Now grab a medicine cup and add a little bit of the glitter and mica powder to it. Squirt in some UV Resin and mix it slowly to combine. Then pour the mixture onto the bottom of your cup. The lip around the edge will act as your mold. Then cure it with the UV lamp.
  • Reattach your lid and you have yourself a pretty little snow globe tumbler!

The Finishing Touches…

A big thanks to Kaelee for sharing her snow globe tumbler tutorial with us! We hope you learned a lot from her and that you are excited to start making your own snow globe cups! If you loved learning from Kaelee you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and in her Etsy shop

She has also shared several other tutorials with us including How to Make Snow Globe Pens. If you loved this tutorial you definitely need to check that one out too! Until next time y’all, happy creating!!

Snow globe tumbler tutorial

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