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Hydro Dipped Resin Beach Tumbler

How to make a beautiful hydro dipped beach themed tumbler
Yield: 1 tumbler


  • Stainless Steel Tumbler 20 oz skinny
  • White Prime Time
  • Mod Podge and brush
  • Marabu Easy Marble hydro dip paints Dark Ultramarine and Aqua Green
  • Counter Culture DIY Quick Coat or spray adhesive
  • Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin
  • Protective gloves
  • Mixing cups
  • Silicone mat
  • Large Silicone Mixing Sticks
  • Filter mask
  • Show Time Glitter
  • Sea shells
  • Hot glue gun
  • Life at the beach decal


  • Start by prepping your tumbler and applying a layer of White Prime Time.
  • Then get ready to do your hydro dip. Get a bucket of water and drip your two colors of marbling paint in. Give them a gentle swirl or two with a painting stick. then carefully dip your cup in and pull it out. Then allow it to dry completely.
  • Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the entire tumbler. Then sprinkle the glitter on the bottom third of the cup as well as its very bottom. Let everything dry.
  • Now cover your whole tumbler with a layer of Quick Coat or spray adhesive to seal your glitter in. Let the tumbler dry completely.
  • Next add a layer of combined Artist Resin to the tumbler and allow it to cure for at least 8 hours.
  • Now it's time to add your shells. Courtney used hot glue to secure her shells to the sand portion of her tumbler.
  • Then add a layer of combined Artist Resin and allow it to cure.
  • Next apply the decal to your tumbler and seal it with Quick Coat or a spray sealer.
  • Finally, apply 2-3 layers of combined Artist Resin allowing it to cure in between layers. It took Courtney 3 layers of the epoxy to get her tumbler nice and smooth.