*Due to the pandemic some supplies have been difficult to find.  Your products may be in different shaped bottles or have different lids than usual.


DISPERSION COLORS  are a water based pigment made to disperse evenly into water or epoxy resin. Use these colors to make beautiful resin art paintings, add color to your casting resin, or stain concrete and wood to bring out the texture


INTENSE COLORS are a unique nano pigment colorant. If most pigments used for color are the size of a basketball, our intense colors are the size of a pea. Even color with no clumps or unmixed pigment. One 2 ounce bottle can color as much as several gallons of epoxy.


ARMOR ART is pigment used to create lacing and special effects in resin.  Use to make ocean waves and other abstract lace effects for one-of-a-kind patterns.

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