• resin art for beginners how to mix epoxy resin

    Resin Art for Beginners: How to Mix Epoxy Resin

    Welcome, resin tumbler fans and craft enthusiasts, to the exciting world of resin art! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, this blog post is your go-to guide for...

    Melissa Smith |

  • uv resin being mixed with dispersion colorant

    How to Use UV Resin: The Ultimate Guide

    Are you looking for a new craft material to add to your arsenal? Look no further than UV Resin! This product is a game changer in the world of resin...

    barry brown |

  • boho tumbler with flowers and cactus

    Fast Set Turbo: The Complete Guide

    Introduction Fast Set Turbo is our latest and greatest product, and we’re thrilled to share everything you need to know about what makes it amazing! In this blog, we’re going...

    Caeden Frazier |

  • How to Make Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornaments

    How to Make Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornaments

    With Thanksgiving behind us, we crafters are in full on Christmas mode. Today Dianelsie Manso of The Handcrafted Collection by N and D is showing us how to make alcohol...

    Melissa Smith |

  • how to make resin bookmarks

    How to Make Resin Bookmarks

    Seo Description We love when Karen Horvath of MG Creations by Karen stops by to teach us how to make something new! Today she is showing us how to make...

    Melissa Smith |

  • how to make uv resin pens

    How to Make UV Resin Pens

    Seo Description Resin pens have now become a staple in the resin art community. Tumbler artists especially have grabbed on to pen making with both hands. And they are having...

    Melissa Smith |

  • how to make glitter resin pens

    How to Make Epoxy Pens

    Pens, pens, and more pens! Give us all the resin pens! Kaelee Rupell of Kaelee’s Kustoms is back to show us how to make epoxy pens. She gives us all...

    barry brown |

  • how to make a diy resin notebook

    DIY Resin Notebook Tutorial

    Hello resin fans! We have another great resin tutorial for you today. Karen Horvath of MG Creations by Karen is giving us a fabulous DIY Resin notebook tutorial. She shares...

    barry brown |

  • How to Make a Basic Glitter Tumbler

    We are greatly blessed to have so many new resin artists in our community! And many of you have been asking us how to make a basic glitter tumbler with...

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