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We carry a variety of art resins for you to choose from, with the goal of fulfilling every artists' needs. Our epoxy can be used for tumblers, woodworking, preserving flowers, canvas artwork, and much more!

Types of art resin

  1. Coating resins
    Artist Resin is what we would consider to be a coating resin. These are great for projects like tumblers that will need multiple thin layers. They will provide a nice smooth finish once cured.
  2. Casting Resin
    Culture Cast and Hard Cast are our two casting resins. They are great for deeper pours, and are a good choice for anyone looking to enclose flowers, memorabilia, or other objects.
  3. Fast Setting Resin
    Technically these would also fall under the term coating resin, but they're unique in the sense that they cure MUCH faster than other regular resins. They're only used in thin applications, as a thick layer can cause it to heat up and flash cure. Our original Fast Set Epoxy was the first of it's kind, and remains a fan-favorite in the industry.
  4. UV Resin
    UV Resin is cured by UV light, which makes it very fast and versatile. It's often used in small molds, as well as coasters, pens, and even tumblers. The only limitation you'll face is the size of your UV lamp; otherwise, the sky is the limit with UV Resin!

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