Absolutely the best resin for Acrylic Pouring

We carry the only resin made just for Acrylic Pouring Artists, VOC free, scratch resistant, and highly UV resistant and will withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees. Our Acrylic Pouring Resin works great for resin artists and mixed media artists too.


“No More Dimples” Art Primer

“No More Dimples” Art Primer is designed to coat your acrylic pour after it has cured and before your resin coat. This urethane primer will isolate contaminates and create a consistent surface for your resin to flow out perfectly. Art primer greatly increases adhesion between the resin and your art.

Art Primer is also a great for coating natural stones, porous stone tiles for coasters, and almost any porous surface. It not only seals the surface but increases adhesion to acrylic paint and resin. Stop wasting money with multiple coats of resin, try our primer today!


Wood Shapes

Our ½” thick MDF Wood Shapes are perfect for Resin Art, Acrylic Pouring or craft projects. We have circles, squares, hexagons, aliens and more new shapes coming soon.


One Day Stain

One Day Stain is not a reactive stain and therefore produces a consistent effect every time even over completely different slab colors, patch work or cracks. It can be installed in any color including a non-yellowing white.

One day Stain is also ready for traffic in only a few hours. One Day Stain products produce almost no VOCs and meet all Leed Platinum standards. They are also non-toxic and can be used in a home or business without creating harm to occupants. 

The One Day Stain uses Urethane 528 Primer, then mix in Super Stains or iCoat Dispersion Colors for pigmentation which is mixed as needed by the applicator.  The Urethane 2112 (top coat) also has similar properties as the 528 Urethane primer but offers extreme protection for high traffic areas.