Culture of Inspiration Right to the Core
Culture of Inspiration Right to the Core

Culture of Inspiration Right to the Core

Welcome to a culture of inspiration!
I am excited to bring this podcast to you and share all the behind the scenes experiences with our artist community. This podcast will give us an opportunity for some engaging and in-depth conversations with artists and people just like you. In each episode, we will be offering great advice, telling stories and just offering connection and inspiration. 
Today’s episode is an amazing starting point, and here are the core topics we covered:
  • Is this podcast for you? (0:41)
  • Who is Sarah Brown and what does she do when she isn’t inspiring you? (1:34)
  • Everyone has a starting point, here’s Counter Culture’s. (5:05)
  • What was the pivotal moment in Sarah’s life that Counter Culture’s core values are  based off of? (6:44)
  • How Barry went from countertop remodels, to solving the artist community’s problem: (8:39)
  • What can you expect from this podcast moving forward? (13:22)
By the end of today’s episode, I hope you are already inspired and fired up about joining us each week. 
Feel free to leave us a review and let me know how this episode resonated with you.
You can also follow us on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook, all @CounterCultureDIY. Join our Facebook community, Counter Culture DIY artists support group, and don’t forget to follow us on your favorite podcasting platforms so you never miss an episode. Keep creating!
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