Star’s Angel Girl Brings Hope for the Holidays
Star’s Angel Girl Brings Hope for the Holidays

Star’s Angel Girl Brings Hope for the Holidays

In today’s episode, we get to share a magical conversation so you can experience the power of Hope for the Holidays with us!

One of our customers and listeners reached out to us to share her daughter’s business and goals, and I think you will appreciate the deal we came up with for her and her family!

Star’s daughter has chosen to go down the path of entrepreneurship and decided to start her own resin business to save up money to buy herself an iPad. She has already saved up quite a bit of money with her earring business!

Today, we were able to get more insight into Angel Girl’s business, learn more about what her brothers want for Christmas, and offer a little hope for the holidays.

Is your heart bursting like ours is? We would love to hear what you thought about our deal with Star, her daughter, and her sons. Be sure to follow us on our social channels to receive more information on Hope for the Holidays and watch the videos of those who are selected! You can also find more information about Culture Con online! 

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