When Glitter and Meditation Combine with Holli Mostella
When Glitter and Meditation Combine with Holli Mostella

When Glitter and Meditation Combine with Holli Mostella

Welcome to a culture of inspiration!
We know our art makes others feel good, but in this episode, we are going to be digging deeper and discussing how our art makes us feel with the amazing Holli Mostella. 
This episode is shorter than a therapy session, but you will walk away feeling so amazing. Here are a few amazing topics we covered.
  • Holli introduces herself and shares how mental health and crafting come together for her. (2:58)
  • Holli shares how she got involved with Counter Culture DIY. (7:31)
  • How art has taught her an important and unique life lesson. (14:56)
  • Are you new to the world of epoxy – don’t miss this! (19:06)
  • Feel free to take in the moment of creating art! Sarah lets us in on what happens when she sits down to create.(20:27)
  • Do you…meditate with glitter? (21:46)
  • Holli has one last valuable thing to say as well as an invitation for YOU! (23:26)
Guys, I hope you are feeling amazing, inspired and relieved after listening to this episode. We are so thankful Holli joined us this week to remind us we are not alone, and that as artists we are allowed to use our crafts and creativity to release our emotions. Remember, glitter meditation! Make sure to follow Holli on Instagram @hollimostella and follow her podcast, Beyond Crafting to hear more amazing words of inspiration from her. 
Feel free to leave us a review and let me know how this episode resonated with you. You can also follow us on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook, all @CounterCultureDIY. Join our Facebook community, Counter Culture DIY artists support group and don’t forget to follow us on your favorite podcasting platforms so you never miss an episode. Keep creating!
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