Artist Resin Craft Idea: Resin a Plaque
Artist Resin Craft Idea: Resin a Plaque

Artist Resin Craft Idea: Resin a Plaque

Okay, so you received tons of plaque recognizing your good deeds while you’re still at school. Good job on that! 

Because of the great memories they bring, you want them to always look good as new. But do you see those cracks? They are starting to deteriorate unless you seal them with Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin. Give them some love and care by following these easy steps:

  1.   Clean the plaque with a dry cloth to remove the dust.  
  2.   Use whatever you can find to raise the plaque above the table surface (plastic cups or wood blocks can do the trick). Make sure that the piece is leveled.
  3.   Measure 1 oz. each of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin and hardener. Mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. Make sure you scrape off the bottom and the sides of the container to incorporate the solutions properly.
  4.   Pour the mixture at the center of the piece going to the sides. Using a plastic spatula, guide the resin where you want it to be. Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is self-leveling, meaning it settles on the spot where you guide it easily.
  5.   Torch the resin to pop out the bubbles. Check for dust or hair, and if you find one, remove it with a toothpick. 
  6.   Cover the piece with a box and let it cure overnight.
  7.   In the morning, your plaque will look good as new! It is covered in a clear, glossy finish which will protect it for years.  Display it your wall and let your guests see what a great kid you were back then!


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