How to Measure and Mix Epoxy Resin
How to Measure and Mix Epoxy Resin

How to Measure and Mix Epoxy Resin

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin comes in two parts: the Part A resin and Part B hardener.  Here are some tips on mixing resin:

Step 1:

Read the label carefully. Our Artist Resin and Culture Cast require 1:1 ratio of Part A and Part B.  (If you’re using Hard Cast the ratio is 2:1) Today we’re discussing the 1:1 ratio. Let’s say you need 40 ml for your project, you will measure out 20 ml of Part A and 20 ml of Part B. 

Step 2

Accuracy is the key when it comes to measuring Parts A and B.  Make sure your measuring cups are clearly marked. You can’t have more of one part than the other. If you do, the finished product and the curing time will be adversely affected and the resin won’t cure as expected. It might not cure at all and you’ll need to redo your work! That’s very frustrating.

It is recommended that your working space temperature range between 70 and 75 degrees.  

Step 3

Measure Part A and Part B into two different measuring cups. Resist the urge of adding more hardener just to cure the resin faster. This could lead to unwanted bubbles and a rough finish.

Why do you need separate cups for measuring?  In case you over pour any either component, you can easily put some back to the bottle and not waste it.

Another tip is to pour from one bottle first, then recap it before pouring from the other bottle. This is to ensure that you are not switching the lids!

Step 4

Pour Part A into Part B.  Start mixing while scraping the sides and the bottom part of the cup.

When you start mixing the resin, you will notice it gets cloudy.  This is normal. Keep mixing and it will become clear again.

About half way through mixing, pour your resin into another mixing cup, scraping the sides and bottom to get every drop.  This is just an extra step to help insure your resin is well mixed. How long should you mix the resin? Based on our experience, mixing 3-4 minutes seems just about right.


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