Using Artist Resin to Display Instagram Pictures
Using Artist Resin to Display Instagram Pictures

Using Artist Resin to Display Instagram Pictures

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites where you post your favorite photos. These pics are beautiful as is but using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin can add more value to them. 

Excited resining your most-liked pic in Instagram? You’ll need:

  •   Counter Culture DIY 5×5 cradled wood panel
  •   Your favorite photo
  •   Ann Upton E-Course/Project Kit
  •   Mixing container
  •   Stirrer
  •   Spreader
  •   Paint (optional, to paint the sides of the panel)

Print your picture in 5×5 size so that it could fit perfectly well with our Counter Culture DIY 5×5 cradled wood panel. If you want, you can paint the edges of the panel with a color that makes your picture stand out.  Using a glue stick, attach the print to the panel and press it firmly in place. Make sure that there is no air trapped at the back of the photo.

Now, it’s time to make the Artist Resin mixture. Pour equal parts from either bottle in a mixing container. Stir it carefully for at least 4 minutes. Gradually pour it over your piece and spread it out. At first, you’ll think that the resin is destroying your photo but that’s not the case. In fact, it protects it from harmful elements live UV rays, moisture, and dust. 

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin levels very well so you don’t need to do a lot of spreading. Just push the coating gently into the edges and that’s it.

Once you’ve got everything covered, you might see some bubbles forming. Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin has a bubble releasing formula that makes the bubbles pop on their own. For those that don’t pop on their own, you can use a handheld torch to blow them gently. It’s completely satisfying to see these bubbles disappear so easily.

After this, cover your work with half of a cardboard box to make sure that no dust would settle into the resin while it is still not dry completely. Leave it overnight, and in the morning you will have a glossy version of your favorite image on Instagram!

Try it for yourself and see how fast and easy it is to use our products. Have fun!


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