How To Apply a Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin

How To Apply a Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin

barry brown |

In using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin, there are cases when you need to apply a second layer. The most common reason for a second coat is when your initial attempt is not good. It’s just frustrating to look at your artwork that is wrinkled, with fish eyes, and bumps here and there.

A second coating is necessary not just in repairing the damage but also when you want to make the coating thicker. When you realized that the first coat is too thin, you may want to let it cure first overnight before you finish it off with a second coat.

Whatever the reason is, whenever you’re applying a second coating, you need to sand in between coats. In technical term, sanding creates intercoat adhesion, which allows one coat of epoxy to adhere properly on another coat. If you don’t do the sanding, the two coats will not have a lasting bond. When you sand the cured layer, it’s like you are giving it “teeth” to bite into the next layer, forming a single surface.

If you need to re-coat the surface entirely to fix an uncured resin, scrape off all the sticky material and make sure that nothing is left behind.

If the first coat has craters, patch them first with newly mixed resin and wait for them to cure before you do the sanding.

Don’t be discouraged when sanding as your artwork will initially look bad. After you pour the second coating and wait for it to be 100% cured, your craft will look absolutely better!