How to Make Epoxy Pens

how to make glitter resin pens

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Pens, pens, and more pens! Give us all the resin pens! Kaelee Rupell of Kaelee’s Kustoms is back to show us how to make epoxy pens. She gives us all the steps and lots of fun glitter pen options!

There are lots of different ways that you can add glitter to your pens and tumblers. But they all start with a solid base coat. We have a few different base coat options for you. And Kaelee is covering them all for us! In the video below, Kaelee shows us how we can use Prime Time, Dispersion Colors, and Pop of Color Shock Paint as a base coat and for our glitter application.

This is a simple process and once you have the technique down, you’ll be able to add your own flare to your pens. So grab your favorite Artist Resin and glitters and let’s get crafting!

How to make glitter resin pens

Top: Prime Time, Middle: Pop of Color, Bottom: Dispersion Color

How to Make Glitter Resin Pens

How to Make Glitter Resin Pens

One of the awesome things about art is that there is no one way to do anything. Using different supplies and techniques yields different results. For many of us, what we use depends on what we prefer. Or the look we are going for. Or just what we have on hand.

The great thing is that all of the supplies that Kaelee shows us in her tutorial make great base coats! So whichever you have in your craft stash, you can be confident in using. And remember! Pens are a canvas similar to tumblers. So all of these products make perfect base coats for tumblers too.

How to make glitter resin pens

How to Customize Glitter Pens

Once you have your pens coated with glitter it’s time to seal them with Artist Resin. To do this you need to mix a small batch of Parts A and B of the resin according to the package instructions. When your resin is thoroughly combined, use a gloved finger to spread it on the pen in an even layer. Then allow your pen to cure for 24 hours. At this point, your pen is complete. It sparkly and pretty and ready to go. Or is it?

You can add some small additional touches to customize your pens. Using a vinyl decal is a great way to personalize the pens. You can add names, logos, or cute images. If you have a vinyl cutter you can design and cut your own decals. Or you can purchase SVG files of designs that other artists have created.

How to make glitter resin pens

After purchasing those files, you are able to download them onto your computer. Then print them on your vinyl cutter and you’re ready to go! Using transfer paper, apply your decal to the pen and then seal it to prevent your final layer of resin from adhering to the vinyl. Our favorite sealant/primer is, of course, Quick Coat!

If you aren’t familiar with Quick Coat yet, we have a whole post for you, How to use CCDIY Quick Coat. You will learn about some of the hundreds of uses for Quick Coat in your resin art. And it’s not just for use with resin. It has many other crafting uses too!

How to Make Glitter Resin Pens

Yield: 1 pen


  • Start by taking your gel pen apart. Set your pieces aside for reassembly later.
  • Remove the clip from the pen using pliers or something similar. Sand the spot down to make the pen smooth. A dremmel works great for this!
  • Next, give your pen a light sand with a sanding block or sand paper.
  • Now put the pen on the dowel and apply a base coat of the Prime Time, Dispersion Color, or Pop of Color Shock Paint.
  • Then sprinkle your glitter straight onto your wet base coat. Spin and tap your dowel to remove excess glitter.
  • Allow your pen to dry and then apply a layer of Quick Coat to seal your glitter layer. Allow that to dry completely.
  • Then mix up a batch of Artist Resin according to the package instructions. Apply an even layer of resin to your entire pen and allow it to cure for 24 hours.

The Final Touches

Resin glitter pens are fun little projects that pack a lot of punch. Anything you can do to a tumbler, you can do to a pen. That makes them perfect for selling in sets. Who doesn’t love a tumbler with a matching pen?! If you have an Etsy shop (or something comprable) pens are also a great way to add lower price point items to your shop.

Not only do the pens give your customers another way to find your shop. They also make great add on options that people can add to their orders when they stop by to order a tumbler!

And they also make great gifts for your customers. If you keep prepped pens on hand, you can use your leftover resin supplies on a pen. Then you can add them as thank you gifts to your orders. There are so many ways to create and use your pens!

A big thanks to Kaelee for sharing her time and talent with us again! If you want to see what Kaelee is up to and see more of her beautiful creations you can find her on Facebook and TikTok. You can also join her VIP Facebook group and head to her Etsy Shop.

How to make glitter resin pens

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