DIY Tumbler Tips: How to Make Sundae Tumbler Toppers

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Calling all tumbler makers!! Today we have a project that is just for you. Danielle of DAM Fancy Creations is showing us how to make sundae tumbler toppers. These toppers are so cute and look real enough to eat!

We love seeing all the new techniques that you amazing resin artists come up with. This one has to be one of our new favorites! Learning how to make sundae tumbler toppers opens up a whole new area of your craft. You can make them as gifts, use them as an upsell on your business site, or offer them as part of your tumbler designs.

These toppers also work well for any season! They look adorable on top of Christmas mugs, Halloween tumblers, and summer designs. As with all of your resin art, the sky is the limit with this technique. You can combine any colors and sprinkles that you like so that your topper will match the tumbler and the season that you have planned.

In the video below Danielle shows you a few examples and they are all adorable!

How to make sundae tumbler toppers

How to Make Sundae Tumbler Toppers

When it comes to creativity you resin artists never seize to amaze us. This super fun technique is as unique as it is inspired. Danielle’s way of making sundae tumbler toppers is pretty simple and the results are amazing, we can’t wait for you to check them out!

In the video below Danielle gives you lots of tips and answers lots of questions so be sure to watch it through before you get started. One of the things she talks about is how to get the right consistency of spackle and how she gets it to look so realistic. Like we said, they look good enough to eat…but try to resist.

When you first make your scoops they will feel a little heavy but don’t be concerned. After the drying process is complete these toppers are super lightweight. This version of the sundae topper is also detachable. That’s important for a couple of reasons. The first is that being able to remove the topper from the lid means that you’ll be able to get it clean.

If the topper were to be attached permanently, residual liquid could get trapped underneath and funky things could start to grow. We want this to be a fun project but not a science project so being able to detach the topper is important. The second reason is that you may not always want a big ole beautiful topper on your cup. Being able to remove it means that you have the option to use it or set it aside for a bit. And who doesn’t like more options?

A note about colorant…

Danielle uses Counter Culture DIY Dispersion Colors to color her spackle mix. She likes these the best for this project because you only need a little bit. Only needing a small amount of color is perfect for this project because you don’t want to alter the consistency of the spackle by adding too much of anything liquid.

Danielle says she has tried acrylic paint in the past and that added too much water which made her spackle too fluffy. Danielle also suggests adding your dispersion colors before adding your flour because it will be easier to mix in that way. Also, start with a little color at a time.

A little goes a long way and you don’t want to end up with a shade that is darker or bolder than what you were going for.

Sundae Topper Supply List

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Start by taking your cardboard pieces and rapping them in foil. This will be your template for you topper.
  2. Next, flip your tumbler lid upside down and place it on the foil. Use the sharpie to trace around the lid.
  3. Get your mixing bowls ready. The number of bowls you use will depend on how many different colors you are using. In this video Danielle uses three.
  4. Next, use a stir stick to scoop spackle into your bowls. You want about 1 1/2 cups of spackle.
  5. Add your Dispersion color a little at a time and mix to combine thoroughly.
  6. Next add your flour (about a tablespoon) and fold it in. You are looking for a consistency that is similar to cookie dough.
  7. Now take the ice cream scoop and scoop out your first shade of spackle. Push the spackle pretty firmly into the scoop to get a nice round top.
  8. Press the scoop down onto your cardboard using your circle as a guide. You want to push down a little so that the spackle mix fans out a little like ice cream does. Release the spackle mix from the scoop just like you would the real deal.
  9. Repeat this process with your second and third colors overlapping each scoop.
  10. Next, lightly push your sprinkles into the spackle scoops one at a time. You can also use glue for this if you prefer.
  11. Allow your scoops to dry for a day and then flip them over and let them dry for a second day.

Now it’s time for Artist Resin!

  1. Now it’s time to add the epoxy to seal your spackle and make it durable and waterproof. Mix equal parts A and B of your Artist Resin and stir for 2-3 minutes while scraping the sides of your cup and your stir sick until it is combined well. Use a small paint brush to apply the resin to the top of the scoops while making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. Allow the resin to cure and then flip it over and coat the bottom. Allow that to cure and then repeat until you have two layers of resin on both the top and bottom of your topper.
  2. Next it’s time to drill your whole. Place the topper on your tumbler lid, flip them over and make sure the whole in the lid is lined up with the spot that you want your hole in the topper. Once you know where you want it, use a sharpie to to mark through the whole and onto the bottom of the topper. Use the drill with a 3/8 drill bit to drill through the topper.
  3. Once the whole is drilled you will need to coat the inside of it with resin to seal it.
  4. Finally, glue magnets to the top of your lid and the bottom of your topper using the liquid fusion glue. Depending on the size of your magnets you may need to stack them so the lid will meet the topper. We highly recommend watching the video to see exactly how Danielle does this. Once the glue dries, your fabulous topper is ready to use!

The Finishing Touches

This is such a fun and creative addition to a tumbler maker’s tool box! There are so many ways that you can take this technique. These toppers look especially cute on a tumbler that has drips added along the rim. Our Nice N’ Thick is makes amazing drips and if you’re looking for a tutorial on how to make the perfect drip cup we have a post for that too!

We love to see the amazing things you create so if you post your work on Instagram be sure to tag us with #counterculturediy If you want to see more of Danielle’s tutorials you can check out her YouTube channel. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram @damfancycreations.

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