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Fast Set Epoxy


When we released our original Fast Set back in 2019, it completely changed the landscape of tumbler-making. Now, we’re proud to say we continue to lead the epoxy resin market, continuing to improve our existing formulas so you, the customer, can have an amazing experience when working with our products.

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We’ve had more time to refine our Fast Set Epoxy than anyone else, which is why it continues to be the Best Choice for Making Tumblers year-after-year.

Fast Set epoxy is VOC free, UV resistant and has a heat tolerance of 500°

Fast Set is great for first and second layers of your artwork.  You can add another layer after 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  Fast Set’s low smell and clear formula make this pleasant to work with.

Fast Set is a fast curing resin.  *Which means even though it contains maximum UV inhibitors, it can amber faster than normal curing resins in comparable conditions.  It is not recommended for use on light colored bases.*

Determine how much epoxy you’ll need, prepare your work area and have your tools ready.  After mixing you’ll have somewhere between 5-10 minutes before the epoxy becomes unworkable.

FDA Compliant Resin- Complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.300

(Please see “How to Use” tab below for full instructions).

8 oz, 32oz, 1/2 gal, 1 gal kit.

*Not recommended for molds.*

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What temperature does Fast Set work best in? Fast Set works best in temperatures between 70-75 degrees F.

What is the working time of Fast Set? After mixing you’ll have somewhere between 5-10 minutes before the epoxy becomes unworkable. You can get the most worktime by observing these tips:
Don’t warm Fast Set before or during mixing
Mix in a wide container with as much surface area as possible
Don’t mix too long
Mix slower. Friction causes heat
Don’t let it sit…mix it and apply it

How long is the cure time? Fast Set will cure to the touch in 1-1/2 to 2 hours and fully cure in 24 hours. If shipping, it is recommended to wait at least 72 hours.

Fast Set is FDA compliant and VOC free, it is made for pours less than 1/4? thick.

How does it react to the heat? Fast Set is heat resistant up to 500° F.  You should not expose Fast Set to prolonged heat sources, this could amber the resin. For example: hanging a piece directly over a fireplace where it is exposed to long periods of high heat.

How can I get rid of bubbles?  Torch the resin with the recommended torch.

Can I use a hairdryer or heat gun to pop bubbles in poured resin? A hairdryer or heat gun may not produce sufficient heat to pop bubbles in this resin. We recommend using an automatic lighting torch attachment with a propane canister. Even a small artist torch may not provide enough heat to pop bubbles. (See official FAQ page for picture/product reference and additional FAQs!)

My resin got really hot and clumpy. Resin cures by heat- when you mix up resin you should pour it immediately onto your work. If you leave a mass of mixed resin in a container, it will build up heat rapidly and it also dramatically reduces working time. (See FAQs page for full answer.)

Is Fast Set FDA compliant? Yes, all of our resins are FDA compliant (FDA 21 CFR 175.300).

13 reviews for Fast Set Epoxy

  1. Alisha Allen (verified owner)

    The #1 in my crafting needs! I use fast set from tumblers to pens to acrylic blanks! I literally couldn’t do my job efficiently without it!

  2. aubrey

    my first time using this product, and its sample size, which is a plus, i do find it easy to work with, goes on kinda a white color and is drying clear.. i just wish i knew how long to mix so i did 4 minutes cause of last box i had been using

  3. Glitter Gremlins (verified owner)

    I have been working with resin for over 4 years now and this is the very best in my experience. I love it every single time I feel so blessed to have found this resin

  4. diamondtrav424 (verified owner)

    I love using fast set! It is what I started out with and I have been using it every since.

  5. Kathy (verified owner)

    Received mine yesterday, easy to use, mixes with little to no bubbles. My area I work in stays about 73 degrees I keep the humidity below 40 and my cups were touchable in about 3 hours. Makes finishing projects quickly hassle free. I just wish I would’ve gotten pour spouts. But that’s my error.

  6. Jonah Ellard

    Love love love fast set. Makes adding layers and finishing an item way faster with great flawless results!!

  7. kimhamilton255 (verified owner)

    I have used this fast set since I started making tumblers 3 years ago. I tried another brand, and it was way too finicky for me, as I work in a basement. I have never had an issue with this and love it!

  8. Carrie Witwer (verified owner)

    This is pretty much the only epoxy I use anymore. It’s fast drying, minimal bubbles, and a great shine. Giving 4 stars because it does have a pretty strong odor, but it doesn’t stay forever.

  9. Brooke McIntire (verified owner)

    The only fast setting epoxy worth buying. It has a fairly strong smell, so use in a well ventilated area and avoid using it as a final layer, but for all the leaders prior, this is the one. Speeds up completion time drastically! Super clear and glass like shine just like every other CCDIY resin! Go easy on the heat with this one and don’t stir it as long as you would others. Make sure to work fast because it sets up fast, especially if you’re working in a warm and humid environment. Though they don’t recommend using it in molds because of how hot it gets, if you’re doing a simple mold like a coaster, phone grip, badge reel, etc, it works great. But, it could heat up and flash cure if you wait too long or fill it too deep. The consistency is thick, viscosity being somewhere between original artist resin and medium viscosity. Starts to set up about 30 minutes after applying and is completely dry to the touch in approximately 3 hours. Just get it, you will be glad you did!

  10. jessica_loves_joey

    Fast set is my all time favorite epoxy! Not only does it cure fast, the shine is perfect, the bubbles pop easily with a torch, and the finish is smooth. I use this for my tumblers. I’ve never had a customer complaint when using this epoxy. Other brands I’ve tried just don’t match up to CCDIY fast set. 10 out of 10 would recommend!!

  11. Rose Payne

    Fast set epoxy is just about the best thing ever! I use it on tumblers to get a smooth layer for the chunky glitters as it doesn’t have a lot of time to move and clump those glitters. I use it to get a tumbler finished in just 2 days as it takes less than 2 hrs to cure to the touch and smooth as glass! And the shine is fantastic! While doing the inks. it so perfect because it does not continue to move after you do your swirls. When you get what you want it is to the point where it will slowly stop moving so I can keep my designs easier. It mixes in a snap and the bubbles are minimal, just be carful to remember it is “Fast” set so you will want to have everything ready to use before you mix and you can’t leave it and come back as it will be hard. When you use heat be careful because that will make it cure even faster. The odor with this is a bit noticeable so I don’t use it for the final coats.

  12. Sasha Schnee (verified owner)

    Love this! Fast set dries fast and strong! No issues with micro bubbles! I’ve always been nervous to use fast set but this one is super easy to use!

  13. t_pajak (verified owner)

    I love this epoxy. I live in MN and it is tough to find a fast set that cures correctly with our humidity. I have never had any issues with this and that is GREAT! I even did a UV test with this epoxy that I placed a small accessory piece in the sun for over a month with NO YELLOWING! Love love love!

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