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UV Lamp 36W

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Our lamp used to cure UV Resin,  has 23 – 1.6W LED beads for a total of 36.8W!  It’s oversized to accommodate your bigger projects and has foldable legs for easy storage or to keep them out of the way when you need to hold it over your art. Press the button once and the lamp will power on for 30 seconds, press again for the 60 second cycle.

Did you know that UV Resin cures best under a lamp that uses 1.6W LED beads and that’s what most lamps use?  So count the LED beads, multiply by 1.6 to know what your true lamp wattage is.

UV Resin is required for the UV Lamp.

*See our pictures that compare the size and the number of LED beads between our lamp and others.

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