DIY Faux Marble Countertops

How to Make DIY faux marble countertops

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Today we are taking a break from tumblers and other fun resin crafts to show you how you can use Artist Resin to transform your home decor. Edgar Martinez of Clean Lines Custom Paint is showing us how to DIY faux marble countertops. And the results are stunning!

Are you looking to elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank? Dive into the world of DIY faux marble countertops and discover the magic of turning your existing surfaces into luxurious focal points.

In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating stunning marble-inspired countertops using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin. Let's get started!

How to Create DIY Faux Marble Countertops

Marble has a way of bringing elegance to the simplest of rooms. Many of us love the look, but not the cost. Even the smallest marble countertop can carry a price tag that makes the average person feel a little green at the gills.

But, thanks to resin, we can all have the elegant look we love without breaking the bank. And the best part is, we get to play with our favorite artistic medium!

Choosing the Colors for your Faux Marble

Natural marble comes in several different color combinations. Each one more lovely than the last. But they all have one thing in common. They each have a base color (think creamy neutrals or stunning greys) and a coordinating color.

When choosing the colors for your faux marble, take into account the colors of the room. Also determine the kind of feel you are going for. Then dive in and choose your two colors!

One of our favorite things about using resin for this project is that it allows for such natural movement. As you swirl and blend your two colors, the resin will self level and create the marble effect that is hard to tell apart from the real thing!


Supply List

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Prepping the Canvas

Begin by scuffing the existing counter surface with 150 or 120 sandpaper to create a strong mechanical bond for the base coat of paint. This crucial step ensures a seamless transition between the old and new layers.

Step 2: Masking for Precision

Protect surrounding walls and areas you wish to keep resin-free by meticulously masking them. Use painter's tape to keep your plastic sheeting in place. Don't forget to cover the bottoms of the cabinets too. Your meticulous preparation at the beginning will result in a clean and professional finish!

Step 3: Cleansing for Success

After sanding, thoroughly clean the surface to be coated before applying the base coat. A pristine canvas guarantees optimal adhesion and a flawless end result.

Step 4: Applying the Foundation

Next, apply the base coat of Pop of Color Paint evenly across all countertops, laying down the groundwork for the stunning marble effect to come.

Step 5: Patience is Key

Allow the base coat to dry completely, ensuring a stable foundation for the subsequent resin application.

Step 6: Mixing the Magic

1 gallon kit of artist resin medium viscosity

The amount of resin you need will depend on how large your countertop is. Once you have decided how much resin to use, it's time to carefully measure and mix.

Next, mix up a batch of Artist Resin according to the package instructions. Measure equal amounts of Parts A and B. Then pour part B into part A and mix well for 3-5 minutes.

Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of your cup as you go, as well as your mixing stick. This ensures that all of your epoxy will be well incorporated.

Pro Tip: Some artists swear by going one extra step. Pour your epoxy into another cup, scraping it all out. Then mix for a few more minutes.

Once your resin is combined it will serve as the transformative agent for your countertops.

 Step 7: Tinting for Perfection

Cobalt blue epoxy pigment

Use Dispersion Color to tint your combined resin to match the base color of your countertops. This will prevent any see-through areas and ensure uniformity in your color.

Step 8: Spreading the Elegance

Now spread the resin mixture evenly across all surfaces using a plastic putty knife, guaranteeing a smooth and consistent coverage.

Step 9: Rolling for Uniformity

Next use a foam roller to roll out the resin, ensuring that the product is evenly distributed across every inch of your countertops.

Step 10: Infusing Character

Now it's time to add a contrast color to add depth and character to your design. Mix a smaller batch of resin and choose a Dispersion Color. Add the colorant to your combined resin (a little at a time) and mix well to combine. 

You can also add matching mica powders to give a shimmer to your marble look.

Step 11: Creating the Marble Effect

Use a paint stick to drizzle the tinted resin in spots on your countertop. You get to artfully create fracture effects on the surfaces using the tinted resin, letting your creativity flow as you craft your unique faux marble masterpiece.

Step 12: Time to Blend

Use a gloved finger to partially mix the base resin and tinted resin to create a marble effect. Creating this captivating marble effect adds sophistication to your countertops.

Step 13: Banishing Bubbles

Heat Gun

Spritz denatured alcohol onto the surface to bring any bubbles to the surface, allowing them to dissipate naturally. Let the alcohol sit for 5 minutes to give it time to work its magic. 

Then use a torch or a heat gun to evenly apply heat to pop any bubbles that surfaced. 

Repeat this process until the bubbles stop appearing. Usually this takes about three times. 

Step 14: Unveiling the Beauty

After removing the tape from walls and sinks, allow the countertops to cure overnight. Depending on environmental conditions, the curing process may vary, so exercise patience for the best results. 

Step 15: Revel in Your Creations

Peel off the masking tape protecting the cabinets below and behold the transformation – your brand-new faux marble countertops are ready to dazzle!

Admire your handywork, but wait to set anything on your countertops until you are sure they are fully cured. We recommend giving it at least 48-72 hours.

The Finishing Touches

And that's how you make your own DIY faux marble countertops! Don't let a project of this size intimidate you. While the surface space may be large, the process is actually pretty simple!

We want to give a big thanks to Edgar for sharing his time and talent with us! His clear and easy to follow steps make this a fun project for any resin artist or DIYer to try.

You can check out Edgar's website to see some of the other awesome home improvement projects he has done!

We can't wait for you to embark on this creative journey and witness the remarkable transformation of your spaces with DIY faux marble countertops. Elevate your decor with elegance and craftsmanship, one countertop at a time!


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