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Fast Set Turbo: The Complete Guide

boho tumbler with flowers and cactus

Caeden Frazier |


Fast Set Turbo is our latest and greatest product, and we’re thrilled to share everything you need to know about what makes it amazing! In this blog, we’re going to cover everything from how to use it, why you need it, as well as some interesting quirks it may bring to the table. Be sure to read through this entire post, even if it’s not your first time using it! This may save you (or your cups!) in the future.

Applications & Benefits

First things first, let’s establish what Fast Set Turbo does. Fast Set Turbo cures in about an hour (dependent on temperature) and is typically tack-free within 30 minutes. When working on projects for clients this can greatly reduce time spent on one order, or free up space on your turners, thus reducing turnaround time.

As for what you can use Fast Set Turbo for, it’s applications include (but aren’t limited to!):

  • Tumblers!
  • Pens
  • Geodes
  • Shallow Molds
  • Jewelry

Of course there are many other uses that aren’t named here. Don’t be afraid to try it on any project!

boho tumbler with flowers and cactusHow to Use

Fast Set Turbo is recommended for experienced users that are already familiar with working with epoxy. Here is where we’ll discuss the specific steps to get a great finish, as well as some things to avoid when working with this product.

When you first get your hands on it, you’ll notice it is a lower viscosity than our other Fast Set or Artist Resin. This makes mixing much easier, allows for easier bubble release and a quick application, which is necessary when working with an epoxy that cures this fast. When the time comes to do your first project, don’t be afraid to mix rapidly, you’ll be able to get rid of bubbles with a torch.

Turbo comes with a 1:1 mixing ratio. As with any Fast Set, stick to small amounts in a large container for best results. Mix until it turns cloudy and goes back to clear.

Now you’re ready to apply it to your project. We recommend using thin layers, applying in heavier layers may cause an uneven surface and make bubbles more difficult to release. Spreading with a gloved hand will allow you to achieve this more precisely.

Torching Fast Set Turbo requires a bit of care to not overheat it. As with any epoxy, do NOT bring it to the smoke point. Doing so will release harmful vapors into the air, and you should absolutely avoid inhaling these. Apply heat in a sweeping motion.

Once you’re ready to add another layer, simply repeat this process!

Tips & Tricks

If you’re having trouble getting a good finish, we may have a few tips to help you out.

  1. Heating this epoxy can help prevent bubbles, but can cause it to flash cure. Always use a propane torch for maximum bubble release. Propane torches will quickly penetrate into the epoxy, eliminating any bubble in it’s path.
  2. Use alcohol for cleaning
  3. Chunky glitters may require extra layers for a smooth finish. Our Artist Resin or regular Fast Set may be a better option in this case
  4. For situations that don’t allow a torch, such as molds, mix slower with a non-wood mixing stick. Spritz alcohol once poured, then wait a few minutes and do it again.
  5. Apply on tacky resin or make sure the surface is sanded with a low-grit sandpaper. Turbo doesn’t adhere quite as well as our other products, so it’s important to give it a rough surface to promote adhesion


Now, even with a great product there will always a few limitations. Let’s talk about them.

  1. You can’t use colorants in Fast Set Turbo. This may cause it to flash-cure
  2. The fast cure time can be a little TOO fast if you aren’t an experienced artist
  3. We don’t recommend additives or thickeners, such as Nice N Thick. These products may react with Fast Set Turbo
  4. Similar to other epoxy, this product is susceptible to moisture. Keep lids closed tightly, and store in a cool, dry place.


Fast Set Turbo is a great product for tumbler makers needing to produce a lot of cups. It has potential to double the speed of your process, thus leading to faster turnaround and happier customers! We recommend having some experience before using Fast Set Turbo, as it can have some unintended results when not used properly. If you’re relatively new to epoxy, try starting with one of our Artist Resins, then our normal Fast Set. Once you’re ready, this product can take your tumbler game to the next level!