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  • How to Make Snow Globe Pens

    We are back with another awesome holiday craft tutorial! Today we are learning how to make snow globe pens with our CCDIY sprinkles and the results are absolutely adorable! Holiday...

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  • Mica Powder Explained: What You Should Know

    Mica powder is an amazing product to use in your resin projects. It is fun to use and gives your art a beautiful shimmer. However, there is some confusion about...

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  • How to Fix Dust on Epoxy Resin

    Ok, so you’ve done your artwork, let it dry overnight, and in the morning, you look at it, and wait, what? There is hair on it!!! Seriously? How on earth...

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  • 3 pack of alcohol ink grey, black

    Oops, I Overtorched My Resin Art!

    When I was new in resin, I experienced overtorching two projects. Over torching means that I kept the torch too close to my freshly-coated rein or I held it for...

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  • How To Apply a Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin

    How To Apply a Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin

    In using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin, there are cases when you need to apply a second layer. The most common reason for a second coat is when your initial...

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